CWTHK5 & RG14 loot

CWTHK5 and RG14 were last year during October and December respectively.  Yep, I took that long to finally get off my lazy bum, take photos, edit them and finally post them.  I decided to merge the two loots together since I didn’t really buy toooo much from RG14.  Kinda.  Hm.

Comparatively, I bought a lot more at CWTHK5 since I went with the ‘buy now regret later’ thinking.  I ended up with a lot of phone straps/keychains… and also managed to pick up a few things I missed out on buying at previous doujin events.  At RG14, I controlled myself with the money throwing though I still ended up buying four rolls of washi tape… Washi/deco tape is still a pretty big thing and there were so many pretty ones at both events.


RG14 loot

(Pssst… first time taking loot photos with my mirrorless camera!  It sure is handy having a flippy screen when taking these photos.)

Let’s start with RG14 loot because I only have one other photo of it, heh.  My loot came from three circles.  One of them is my favourite circle in regards to washi/deco tapes.  The artist always pump out such cute art!  That’s where I bought the Spirited Away and Nyanko sensei tapes.  The other two came from a circle that sold a lot of non-fandom washi tapes.  The designs that I found the prettiest were already sold out by the time I got there (which was after 2pm) and after circling around the entire event hall before coming back to the table again, my next favourite one was sold out so I quickly bought two.  Heh.


There was a Haikyuu / Yowamushi Pedal lane at RG14 and that’s were I spotted the above keychains.  I’ve actually seen these before at an earlier doujin event but they were unfortunately sold out.  This time round, I was really happy to come across them again!  I was going to buy just Nishinoya since he’s my favourite character but then decided to get Tsukki too because lulz pink and strawberry.  However, there was a “buy 5 and save more!” thing and my friend offered to buy two so… I got Kagayama as a third.  Hm… money vortex.

Anyway, let’s move onto CWTHK5 loot which was two months before RG14~


These were impulse buys.  The art was too pretty that I just could not resist buying a set!  I think I saw them again at RG14 too.  And they’re printed on such pretty paper~


As soon as I saw this set of Armin and Jean stickers, I just had to buy them!  They’re from the same circle as the below set of Ace Attorney cards:


At the previous doujin event, the Ace Attorney card sets were all sold out much to my disappointment.  So at CWTHK5, my eyes were peeled for this circle just to see if they were selling the Ace Attorney cards again and yes they did!


I kinda wish the colours were brighter though… I’m not too sure on what material they printed on since it’s pretty flexible but I’m guessing the material made the colours somewhat faded and dull.  My photos don’t really show that too well since I bumped up the contrast.  (Oh, and of course I had to get the keychain version of Edgeworth!)


Does the art for the Harry Potter and Hobbit washi tapes look familiar?  Yeeeep it’s from the same circle as the Spirited Away and Nyanko-sensei ones I posted earlier.  I own five washi/deco tapes from that circle now, heh.  The Ace Attorney washi tape came along with the card set and I’m super happy I managed to spot a pretty looking Free! tape too~  Ahh… I own too many washi/deco tapes.

And now onto more impulse buys for keychains/phone straps:-



Definitely “buy now regret later” thinking, yep.  I really wanted to find more quality Rei goods but there’s not that many… I’ve also spotted the Haru / Rin metal charms before and decided to buy them this time round on an impulse.  Aw yiss.  And how can I say no to buying those Haikyuu phone straps?  Kageyama and Hinata are so adorable there.  I really want to use them but the metal parts feel somewhat delicate.

Best art from CWTHK5 has to go to…


MIKORIN from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

AHAHAHA.  TOO GOOD.  It’s actually a freebie postcard from the circle that sold the Ace Attorney goods.  It’s printed on nice thick paper too.  Ah, such awesome art.

Anyway, that wraps up my loot from both CWTHK5 and RG14.  Up next is CWHK39 which is first day of March!  And I’m actually planning on sneaking some time to attend the event… since I should be studying.  But taking a break is good, yes? =’D


2 thoughts on “CWTHK5 & RG14 loot

    • I’m not sure if the artist sells them online since I usually buy them in person at events so I can’t really help you there. Sorry >.<;;

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