Washi tapes keep rollin’ in


Since my previous entry on washi/deco tapes, I’ve bought even more washi tapes at doujin events.  I just can’t seem to say no to any cute looking washi tapes I come across, oops.  And on top of that, there’s still a fair amount of circles selling these tapes too.  Actually, I’m already holding back at events… but I still end up with tape.  It’s grown to the point where I feel tempted to buy some of the mt tape ones, especially the thinner ones.  And then I feel this desire to cover everything with pretty tape… hm.

Anyway, here’s dodgy close up shots of my current collection:-
(Yep, I decided I had to display them on cards so I can keep record of which ones I own and which circle they’re from)


From top to bottom:-
1 & 2: Free!  They’re the first two tapes I bought but they’re more like clear sticky tapes.
3 & 4: Kuroko no Basuke & Shingeki no Kyojin.  Both are more like masking tapes than washi tapes.
5: The pink Nyanko-sensei at bottom left is actually an official washi tape from Animate.  I was kinda surprised to see washi tapes as official merchandise…


From top to bottom:-
1: Haikyuu!
2: Ace Attorney.  I was surprised to see this one at a doujin event actually…
3: Free!
4: And then flower pattern tape all over the empty spaces.


From top to bottom:-
1 & 2: Nyanko sensei!  Both from the same circle.  Really nice quality tape too.
3: And more Nyanko sensei.  I just had to buy this one lol.
4: Random squirrel pattern that I thought looked cute.
5: Spirited Away!  It’s from the same circle as the first two Free! tapes I bought.  (#3 is from the same circle too, actually)


From top to bottom:-
1: A bit more of the Spirited Away tape.
2: The Hobbit
3: Harry Potter
…yep, they’re all from the same circle too.  The artist has such a cute art style and keeps on pumping out new tapes, aaahh… my money…

So what do I do with all this tape?  I honestly don’t know… I decorate my weekly schedule with them but I won’t be able to use them all up at this rate, heh.  And then I noticed that my 3DS has a nice large empty surface so then I…


Aw yesss, I put tape all over my 3DS.  I might remove them after a while so I can replace it with other tapes.  And now I just want to put washi tape on everything.  Heh.  As long as washi tapes are still a thing at doujin events, my collection will only grow bigger and bigger… “orz


9 thoughts on “Washi tapes keep rollin’ in

    • Get more as in buy more of the same? Kinda doubt I can since at every event, the artist may not necessarily have all his/her previous designs… and once they’re sold out, that’s it.

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