Tokyo Trip Loot

Wow it’s been a long time since I made a blog entry here… I’ve been meaning to post this much earlier but work got a lot busier and I always felt too tired after work to edit photos.  Oops.  Anyway, I finally post photos of goodies I bought during my short but intense shopping trip in Tokyo back in late January!  I didn’t get to go to Akiba since I was with my parents and we had only three full days at Tokyo…  However, I managed to visit Pokemon Centre at Ikebukuro and also Kiddyland at Harajuku!


So that’s what I bought during my 2nd day where I visited Pokemon Centre and then went off to Harajuku and Shibuya.  I didn’t include the jumper and shoes I also bought in the above loot photo.

Pokemon Centre was amazing!  Most of the stuff I bought were on a “buy now regret later” basis since buying pokemon goods aren’t that easy to buy outside of Japan.


Penguin No.2, you’re not a pokemon

I had to buy gulpin because of his 3D lips and then bulbasaur because he looks so derpy.  I grabbed wailord too ‘cos sea creature, heh.  I was disappointed that there were no mudkip or swablu plushies available.  I would’ve bought those for sure.


Impulse bought the above two as well.  Initially I was going to give both to my baby niece but then I kinda wanted to keep the professor one for myself so I gave Madame Pikachu away.

150118_F0846Now I’m kinda wishing I bought another Madame Pikachu for myself, oops.  Pikachu looks so cute in that dress!  There’s also other versions of Pikachu in different costumes as well.  I think there was a cheerleader one too?


Slightly blurry photo… but anyway, random mudkip phone strap and charizard pikachu charms I also bought on impulse!  I figured I should get something charizard pikachu since that’s Mega Tokyo’s exclusive character.  And then something mudkip too.  Because why not.


Above are things I bought from Kiddyland for myself (and more of the ‘buy now regret later’ mindset).  The bird post-its and shobon phone strap were bought elsewhere though.  I’m not sure what I’ll use the R2-D2 pouch for but I’ll figure it out later.  And whenever I do make the paper art sets, I’ll probably make an entry on them!


Light up lightsaber chopsticks are so awesome!

Pokemon Centre and Kiddyland were the geekiest places I bought things from during this trip since I never go to visit Akiba or even Animate when I dropped by Ikebukuro.  There just wasn’t enough time to fit them in plus I had parents with me.  I think the latter part is more important.  I was so close to Ikebukuro’s Animate but no time to go in… such a shame.

On my last half day in Tokyo, I managed to sneak in some more impulse purchases at Lumine:-


They’re hairclips by m.soeur and they’re so pretty!  I couldn’t decide on which hairclip to get so I bought both, oops.  Somewhat fragile too… I’ve been looking for any jewellery or hair accessories like those and I’m so glad I managed to find them on the last day!  They have mostly hair accessories and earrings too but I have no pierced ears.

In hindsight, three days in Tokyo really isn’t enough for clothes shopping alone. There’s many places I would’ve liked to visit or explore certain areas for more shops. And whilst I call it ‘clothes shopping trip’, I surprisingly didn’t end up buying much clothes.  Only one jumper and a pair of boots.  Mum bought the most.  Hm.

Also, those three days were really intense.  Each day was shopping from morning until night and I was so exhausted by the third day.  Oh well, at least where I live now is really close to Japan so it’s much easier to make more of these short trips happen!


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