RG15 loot

Fishy is late with her loot post from RG15, no surprises there.  Over 3 months late too, oops.  I got rather busy at work for the past two or so months so I’ll use that as my excuse, yes!  Uuuuh anyway, this time I didn’t spend that much – I’d say it’s my average amount of loot?  As for the event itself, Rainbow Gala is still as squishy as ever and also stuffy too since it was getting warmer back in April.


Instagram photo yay

It’s always so crowded towards the stage and at times, the aisle would be so crowded that you can’t really approach tables and end up being swept along with people.  I kinda wish RG would rent out an extra floor like CWHK because it gets far too crowded at times.


RG15 loot. Not too much, yes?

Anyway, onwards with loot photos!  Let’s begin with photos of the Vocaloid mostly Miku artbook which features art by Rella.





Rella always has such pretty art!  The artbook also came with a poster (albeit folded) and a plastic folder.  I kinda wish the circle also sold this kancolle artbook with really pretty semi-realistic style art.  I saw it on their website but the past two or so events that this circle attended, they didn’t sell that book.  Oh well.


I wasn’t really going to buy the above postcard-sized art.  But my friend wanted to buy two from this table and if you buy four, the price becomes cheaper per post card so… I kinda got roped in by my friend.  Well, I was rather tempted to buy the round cat one and the one on the right was something I’ve been eyeing for over a year now.  So I guess I don’t mind buying them?  Hm…


My friend bought the above postcard haha.  I don’t know what’s up with the shark and banana and those feeble arms.  I kinda wish I bought this too… heh.


And I’m forever buying washi tapes from 羽山aya’s table… I didn’t intend to buy 3 rolls but the Harry Potter ones came as a set of three and it came with these translucent cards which feature all the art on the tapes!  Neat~



It’s definitely become a thing where I almost always buy something from her table… I also managed to spot the below keychains!  I’ve been searching for them since CWTHK4 i.e. December 2013.  I bought Rin and Haru from this set and afterwards, I wanted to buy Makoto and Nagisa too but for the past couple of events, I couldn’t find them.  But somehow, they miraculously reappeared at RG15!  Yay!



And now I have all four!  Such a shame that she didn’t draw Rei as well… Rei’s my favourite from Free! (though Rin follows very closely behind in 2nd place).



And then Fishy bought more washi tape.  Because it’s cute sushi art.  Yes.  When will my washi tape collection stop growing at an exponential rate?

Anyway, that’s it for my RG15 loot.  ACGHK started today and I plan to attend on Sunday.  I didn’t get to check out the doujin section last year so I intend to do so this year!  I fear for my wallet…


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