ACGHK 2015


Wow I finally make a post about ACGHK… 3 months later.  Typical Fish, typical.  Real life got all busy so it’s been hard to squeeze time to process photos.  Anyway, I went on a Sunday this time and… things went surprisingly smooth when entering the exhibition hall. Initially my friend and I wanted to pretend to be tourists but we never found the queue for tourists so we joined the main line.  The line surprisingly took only 45 mins despite all the looping from footbridge to ground floor and back to footbridge again and then ground floor… this also included buying tickets at the venue too!  There was no queue at all for the octopus queue.


First stop was the Lego booth.  As usual, they had lego displays on the exterior so you could look at them whilst queuing which took 20-25 mins for me.  They had more lego displays in the first area and then finally merchandise in the second area, same as last year.  As expected, there were a lot of people around the keychain section.  Far too many.  I wanted to buy a Lego block phone strap but this guy would not budge from his spot despite me repeatedly saying, ‘excuse me’.  So I grabbed a keychain version instead as that was within my reach.


After that, I went for the Hot Toys booth because I wanted to see their Star Wars display as well as the 1/6 Millenium Falcon.  The exhibits were absolutely amazing and the amount of 1/6 stormtroopers made me want to buy one.  But I couldn’t be bothered to check out the Hot Toys shop since the queue for that was super long like comiket queues…



They recreated the training scene!

Hot Toys booth had divided itself into 3 exhibit areas – Star Wars, Marvel and then… ‘the rest’, heh.  As for the Marvel area, I was so happy to see figures of the female characters.  Not only Black Widow but also Scarlet Witch, Pepper Potts and even Maria Hill! My photos of them turned out all blurry though…





For more and better photos of Hot Toys’ displays, check out their blog entries: 1 | 2 | 3

Opposite the Star Wars section of Hot Toys booth was Kids Logic and they also had some Star Wars on display.  The chibi style they used is cute.  They also had a hover board that actually was hovering aaaand the DeLorean which also hovered too!  Amazing~





As for the other booths, I looked at them from the outside and didn’t really bother queuing up to go inside.  I skipped entering animate because of disappointment from last year.  That and I suspected most of the merchandise they stocked were from fandoms I’m not really interested in, judging from my previous visit to their physical shop.  There was no Jump booth this year though, shame.  I probably would’ve entered just to see what Gintama goods they’d have.




After looking at some more figure displays, we headed up to CP02 which was the doujin section of ACGHK.  Once again, there was a long looping queue but it was paced pretty fast so it didn’t take long to enter the doujin hall.  The hall itself was bigger than RG and CWHK but the number of circles was probably around the same as RG.  Aisles were nice and wide though and not stuffy at all unlike RG / CWHK, haha.

There were quite a number of Japanese circles as well – probably because CP02 was promoted in Japan?  And the circles seemed to be organised by genre which was nice.  Most of the circles sold touken ranbu or love live goods which was good for me since I was in neither of the fandoms.  My favourite washi tape circle wasn’t there either so yaaay, less money thrown about!

After that, we went back downstairs and looked at a couple more booths from the outside.  We stopped by the PlayStation booth and got distracted by a game trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn on their big TV screens.  I was mighty impressed with the game play and setting!


Okay so this isn’t Horizon Zero Dawn… but more South Park games is good too!

We left at around 4 pm and by then, the queue for entering the exhibition hall was apparently 4 hours long…!?  Oh dear…

This year’s ACGHK was very enjoyable mostly because there were so many Star Wars displays thanks to the upcoming new movie!  It really made me want to buy more Star Wars figures, especially stormtrooper ones.  Oh god.  My wallet.

And now for my loot!


This year, the booth selling cheap nanoblocks made a return!  So I bought another pokemon nanoblock set and another papernano set too.




I was so happy to find more Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun goods!  I’ve seen the Nozaki + Chiyo strap before but this time, the artist had more straps!  I couldn’t decide on which pairing I liked the most so I bought them all, oops.  That and buying the entire set works out cheaper per piece.


I was going to buy just one Rei keychain but the seller was all, “just Rei?  Won’t he be lonely?  You can get 3 for 35HKD!” which worked out pretty nice as it’s 15HKD for 1 keychain.  Ah… I fall for these things, I know….  So I chose Nagisa and Rin.  I would’ve bought Haru instead of Nagisa but Haru doesn’t feel very… Haru in that art style.

…actually, the artist/seller was also saying “3P! 3P!” but I’m not sure if Rei + Nagisa + Rin would work…. but I do like the idea of Rin x Rei so… Rei sandwich? ((oi fish

Anyway, that’s it for my loot.  I didn’t spend as much because… sword boys and idols everywhere, haha.  And as for the commercial goods, there wasn’t too much that tempted me either.  That ends my con report!  For the rest of my ACGHK photos, please check out my flickr.


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