Gundam Docks at Hong Kong II


There was another Gundam exhibition at Times Square back in August and yes, I know I’m slow… As usual, I don’t know my Gundams so I don’t know who’s who but it’s still pretty impressive seeing such large scale bots not only at the open plaza but also hanging inside the atrium!

More photos ahead~



This time there was only one hanging outside.  The previous Gundam exhibition had two outside but none inside the atrium.  There were also smaller bots and things located undercover too.  You had to line up to enter the area to take photos with them.


Inside the atrium was impressive because right after the long escalator ride from the plaza to the atrium, you are greeted with this sight:




Amazing how they’re able to hang him in the atrium but then they also managed to hang the Going Merry during the One Piece exhibition.  Either way, impressive display is impressive!

There were two large background things, one of which had a 3D hand so if you took it from the right angle, it would look like you’re sitting in the Gundam’s hand:-


The rest of the atrium had pretty neat dioramas with Gundam kits on display.  I think there was also a section upstairs where you could buy gunpla kits too.






And this was how it looked like from above!



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