Keychains and corkboard


Initially I used an earring display case from Muji to display my rubber straps and keychains since dust is a big problem in HK.  But now my keychain collection has grown so much that I really wanted to display as many of them as possible instead of keeping them in plastic boxes.  So I decided to go with the corkboard option for just my plastic and metal ones.  And dust when needed.  Yeah.  Hm.

I used a corkboard from IKEA and, being super lazy, I didn’t bother hanging it on the wall and just left it leaning against it.  If it ever falls over… it’ll be a fun time putting it back together again.  Anyway, here’s how it looks after after pinning everything up.


I didn’t bother pinning them up in an organised manner.  Instead I wanted to fill up whatever space there was because I worried if had sufficient space for my keychains.  Surprisingly, I still have a fair amount of space left.  I guess it’d be filled up if I pinned up my rubber straps too…


Haikyuu, Ace Attorney and some Gintama, Vocaloid & Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Gintama, Vocaloid, Dangan Ronpa and my two charizard pika metal charms


The other side is all Free!


I also have two Ace Attorney pins so… I pinned them on this teddy bear


…and then pinned the Gintama badges my friend gave me on the bear too


Current display!

As for my earring case, I’ve changed the display inside and added more of my gachapon straps too.  Yay for more Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun straps!



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