Kalafina Live – far on the water 2015 @HK


Boy was I so happy to hear that Kalafina was coming to Hong Kong again this year!  They came last year but I missed out as I was overseas on holidays… shaaaame.  So after seeing the announcement, I had to come see their live concert even if it meant going by myself and the concert itself being one week before my exams.  Hm.  Yes.

Apologies for having this blog entry up late.  I had actually typed out in bullet points right after I got home but studying and exams had to be done first so I wasn’t able to post it the next day like last time with the Fictionjunction live.

Anyway, lots of fishy spam ahead!

Grabbing tickets online for this concert was so stressful.  Sales started at 10am on a work day so initially I was thinking of buying them after work.  Thank god I didn’t do that… because when I checked how sales were going around 1:30-ish or so, all the cheapest tickets were sold out.  With that said, there weren’t that many cheap tickets to be sold in the first place.  And then sometime in the afternoon and before 5:30pm, all the tickets were sold out.  Anyway, moving along, the entire process of buying the tickets stressed me out quite a bit, haha.  Every time I tried to buy a ticket, the website/app would say that all the seats were being selected so I could not purchase any.  Luckily both the website and app would refresh every 10 mins so I kept on trying to buy the mid-range tickets.  Eventually I managed to grab hold of a ticket with 2 mins until the app refreshed.  That was the fastest I’ve ever entered my details… I had 19 seconds to spare to hit the ‘confirm’ button.

So I went to the Sunday concert and sat in the 2nd last row on the ground floor.  I was worried it’d be somewhat far away from the stage but the theatre (Y-Theatre @ Youth Square) turned out to be kinda small with pretty decent acoustics!  I was closer to the stage compared to the Fictionjunction live I attended two years ago.  I could see their faces pretty clearly!

Oh boy when the concert started, it was so amazing.  Holy crap… shivers running down my spine, everything felt so surreal, so magical, and their voices and the music were too beautiful.  Yep, I was mesmerised by them again.  I also couldn’t help it but join in with humming or singing along.  There was also a lot of dancing / arm waving too during the upbeat songs!  This time the arm waving thing came very natural to me so it didn’t feel awkward at all dancing along with the audience.  It was a similar experience to the Fictionjunction live but, unlike before, the guy on my left never stood up to any of the songs and the guy on my right, whilst he stood up, never waved his arm and just stood there without moving…

Oh well.

I’ve never been to a Kalafina concert before and all I had was the Fictionjunction concert as comparison.  Even though I knew the type of dancing the Kalafina girls do, it was still kinda strange seeing them dance?  Fictionjunction don’t dance in that particular way but it suits the music style!  Even though same composer, heh.  I guess different group = different image style?

I was sooooo happy at seeing Keiko and Wakana again!  And this was the first time seeing Hikaru live.  Aaaahhhh she’s too adorable in real life!  Most of their songs I knew so I think I pretty much sang/hummed along with most of their songs? I got so excited when they started singing heavenly blue because I didn’t expect them to sing it!  I think they sang it during last year’s HK live.  As for the set list, please check out this link.

There was one MC segment where they tried to speak some Cantonese words/phrases.  It was soooo cute hearing them try to do so!  My Japanese skills are pretty much non-existent so I may be wrong here but I think they were talking about foods they liked in HK?  And Hikaru said she liked egglets (雞蛋仔) ahahaha.  The audience instantly gave approval.  She then said something which we didn’t get so she repeated it again and moved her body along with the intonation as well.  Too cute!  We still didn’t get it though until Keiko and Wakana did Bruce Lee poses.  That was a sight to behold and made the audience crack up with laughter.  And then Keiko got all three of them to make Bruce Lee poses in the middle of the stage!  That made the audience laugh even harder.  Oh my god, all three of them are too precious.

Intermission was something different.  Instead of just… curtains down, no music, etc., we’re rewarded with an instrumental piece from their band and violinist!  Very nice music they played~  It started off with just piano, then the violinist joined in, and then eventually everyone.

After the intermission, Kalafina came back with super flowy long dresses which really suited the song and their dance.  It was so visually pretty.  There was also a section at the beginning of the song where Wakana pretty much did the bridge.  So flexible!

Next song = rip off their long dresses with audience clapping cheerfully ahahaha.  I expected that to happen because no way would they continue dancing and singing in those long flowy dresses… it’d be so hot.

Eventually they finished and went off the stage but as we all know, there’s gotta be more so we’re all clapping and yelling out ‘encore!  encore!’ in Japanese.  They came back and sang ring your bell.  Aaaahh such magic!  And then during the MC section, Keiko took off her long sleeved jacket whilst Hikaru was talking.  The audience started cheering and then Hikaru said something along the lines of, ‘suteki dessho’ ahahaha.

They finished off the concert with sprinter.  For the Saturday concert, I think it was alleluia but I prefer hearing sprinter because I love the music from Kara no Kyoukai actually I just love almost all Kajiura Yuki music.

At the end, Kalafina did a lot of deep bows which made Keiko’s hair tangled up with her hairpiece.  She couldn’t fix it so Wakana walked over and helped her.  AND THE AUDIENCE WENT WIIIILD.  Keiko was covering her face from embarrassment?  It was an adorable sight anyway, Wakana brushing Keiko’s hair, awww~~

They also walked to the very edge of both ends of the stage and one of the audience got high-fived by either Hikaru or Keiko!  I missed the moment though so I’m not sure who… but he was one lucky guy.  After both Kalafina and their band left the stage, people around that lucky guy were high fiving that same hand of his.  So amusing seeing that happen!

It was a tiring night because all the standing and dancing was exhausting.  But, once again, I enjoyed the live concert very much even though I was alone.  I’d love to go to another Kajiura Yuki live so I’m hoping Kalafina makes a return!  since they seem more active than Fictionjunction lately…?

Anyway, to finish off this blog entry, here are some photos:-


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