Now that exams are over and done with, I can get back to editing my backlog of photos and finally post my loot!  I also have a few other entries planned so hopefully I don’t lag behind.  Exams ate up so much time thanks to all that studying required… I’ve never studied so much before.  It sure is called architorture…

Anyway, before I show you goodies I bought at CWHK40 (which was back in 30th August), let me quickly show you this amazing Gintama clear file my friend got for me when he went to… I think it was CWT in Taiwan.  Not sure which CWT though…


Front & back of amazing clear file

Now onto my actual CWHK40 loot!

First up is this Vocaloid art book featuring Vocaloids and food!  The art is gorgeous and the food are drawn so well and so delicious.  Apparently the text are recipes?  I can’t read Chinese though… but then I can’t really cook either.  Heh.









Such pretty and colourful art!  The art book also came with a small notebook.  I don’t think I’d be using it though… it’s too pretty to be used.


The next art book I bought is a Kancolle one.  Yes, I’m not part of the fandom but I love the art style and I’ve actually been semi-hunting for this art book at the past few doujin events.  I was so happy when it was finally sold at an HK doujin event!!  So with no hesitation at all, I went ahead and bought it.






Up next are Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun keychains.  It made me happy to see more.  Initially I wanted to buy just the Mikorin ones but each Mikorin keychain was part of a set of two keychains so…. I ended up buying both sets.  I don’t mind that at all though~  I love all the characters in the manga!  But Mikorin is my favourite haha~


And as usual, there’s bound to be at least one roll of washi tape.  I bought two from my favourite washi tape stall, haha.


I also have a habit of picking up cards with pretty or cute art and here’s a couple:-


The Iron Man one is actually a stamp.  The artist handmade all these stamps with such fine lines and is able to stamp them so nicely too!  Such amazing skill!

Anyway, that’s it for my loot at this event.  It wasn’t too much or too little.  Next loot post will feature CWTHK6 things!


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