Coincidentally, the first CWHK of the year was on Valentine’s Day.  Huh.  And wow, so rare of Fishy to make a loot post in the same month as the event…!?  Well.  Three floors this time and it wasn’t really that squishy or too stuffy either!  Excellent.  Anyway, on to my loot.  I… seemingly bought a fair amount.



First thing I bought was the above set of Fate/Stay Night postcards.  The art style was too pretty to pass up!  They also came with a set of semi transparent cards featuring the same art.  I kinda wish there was a drawing of Lancer from Fate/Zero instead… I prefer that Lancer more =’D  That looove mole.


I saw this set of Touken Ranbu postcards before but they were sold out so…. when I saw them again at CWHK, I went ahead and bought them! Once again, the reason why I bought them was because of the art style. I don’t even play the game so I don’t know all the characters… but I do recognise them though! Also that is one nicely drawn horse.


Obligatory washi tape purchases, haha.  It’s becoming a staple item I buy at these events… Anyway, my favourite circle had the bird tapes for sale!  But only one out of the three were left by the time I got there.  Oh well… hoping she’ll have the other two again for next event.  The one on the right is another bird tape but from another circle.  Here’s how they look:-


So cute and rouuund!


The above set of Miku keychains was something I had seen at the previous CWHK event, I think. Back then, I considered buying just the UK one but ended up not doing so.  So when I saw them again at CWHK, I decided to buy not only the UK but a couple of others.  But then it turns out I had to buy the entire set of keychains.  Um.  Okay then.  I’m sorry wallet.  I mean, there’s a few I don’t mind keeping and I can give out the rest to others too!

So that’s all I bought this time.  Yeeep.  And I got so tired by the end of walking through three floors… oh boy, I’m getting old for these events.

To finish off this entry, I’ll spam a few photos from the actual event itself.  This time, I managed to sneak photos inside the event with my phone, heh.  Hm.  Uh.


I found these really cute macaron and ice-cream thingers!  So cuuuute >w<


Well, I couldn’t resist and ended up taking a photo of this. 8D


Touhou fandom gets such pretty art!  Just as well I’m not into the fandom otherwise my money…. D:


And we finish off with ‘artistic’ photo of one of the halls.


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