Haul from Orlando trip!


Yaaaay and another loot post appears, haha.  Time to finally get off my lazy butt and make a post on the goodies I bought from my Orlando trip!  I pretty much spent my entire week at either Disney World or Universal Studios… I was planning on doing shopping at outlets or other places on my free day but we ended up going to Disney Springs.  And I didn’t mind that at all.  8D

Anyway, I’ll just post photos of my haul and not elaborate on my trip at all.  Yes.  Maybe I’ll post holiday photos on my photoblog.  Maybe.

Let’s begin with my Disney World haul first.  I thought I’d buy more… huh.  There were a lot of cute plushies but I don’t have any room to display at home… However I just had to buy the Yoda!Stitch because it’s just too adorable and too perfect.  There was also a Jedi!Mickey, Rebel Pilot!Mickey (I think), Leia!Minnie (twin buns version) and Darth Vader!Goofy.  I kinda wish there were mini plushie versions of all ‘cos I would’ve bought them all.


I was soooo tempted to buy Goofy as well!

The Minnie plushie is a gift for my niece.  I could’ve bought her a Frozen plushie but who knows how long she’d be a Frozen fan for.  Minnie is iconic for Disney and it felt like a safer option…?  Either way, too late now.  No Frozen goodies for her.  And the Mickey magnet is for myself.  There were a lot of other versions of these mini plushie magnets too and I was soooo tempted to buy more but my wallet… =’D

Now onto the smaller Disney goodies I bought:


The only Disney pin I bought was the Tower of Terror one, mostly because it was a nice key design but also because I wanted to remember the ride that scarred me…!?  I sound masochistic… huh.  The Donald Duck keychain actually bobbles around, which was pretty cute.  I like that he has a goofy personality but I didn’t know he was very flirty too…  And you can bend the arms and legs of Mickey and Minnie which was pretty neat.  The key-shaped keychain is a Disney memorabilia for me which I have added to my camera bag, along with the New York Disney keychain.  Yesss, collect all USA memorabilia on my camera bag!


Moving along, I didn’t expect to see a Coca Cola stall thing in Epcot… o.o  You could try all these weird Coca Cola flavours from all over the world too!  But anyway, they had these mini Coca Cola bottles for sale so I just had to buy some.  There were ones with liquid inside too so it looked like there’s real coke but… it’s pricier and I’d rather get empty ones. I mean, I can fill in coke myself, right?


And a random first order trooper mug!  A friend gifted me this, along with the BB-8 Rice Bubbles Krispy.  I still haven’t eaten that snack yet…

I also did a lot of those penny squisher things because I wanted to use up my coins.  But then I kinda got picky over the designs so I didn’t play with every machine I came across.  I also didn’t do any of the machines at Universal Studios because the designs they had weren’t that interesting.


Excuse me for blurry/out-of-focus photo…

Okay, now that the Disney stuff is out of the way, time for Universal Studios!  And by Universal Studios, I really mean Harry Potter…


Forgot to add my Gryffindor coin purse in this photo.

I’m not really surprised that my Universal Studios loot ended up this way.  I mean, that’s pretty much my biggest reason to go to Orlando.  I didn’t expect myself to buy a wand, especially an interactive one ‘cos that’s pricier, but it was rather fun playing with ‘magic’ with a friend.  I was pretty terrible at waving the patterns in the air though…

I actually wanted to get a Hufflepuff passport holder but they weren’t in stock so I ended up getting a scarf along with my friends, who also got Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw ones.  The mini suitcase (which is actually a letter set) and Gryffindor coin purse were items I had planned to buy from the beginning.  The Hogwarts notebook was a semi-impulse buy because the school crest was really pretty!  And as for the lollies, most of them were souvenirs for my colleagues and the rest were for a friend.


Inside the mini suitcase.

Anyway, that’s all I bought from the Orlando trip!  I was kinda hoping to buy some nail polishes and make-up stuff but oh well, next time.  I’m probably gonna end up going to the US at least once a year.


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