Paper nano: Sagrada Familia & Music Room


After owning the above paper nano set for probably well over a year, I finally got round to making it!  It’s been a while since I made any miniatures, and even more so since I had to use that type of UHU glue.  Not exactly the best kinda glue for this work but it’s the only other glue I have, aside from the glue stick.  I also have another set, the music room one, which I also made too.  That one was a lot more fiddly since it had more small pieces.


The Sagrada Familia set was not really too hard to make.  It’s three out of five in difficulty.  They suggest bending with tweezers but bending with just fingers is fine.  You’ll need the tweezers for folding the smaller pieces though.  The longer spires required no glue at all since they have tabs that you just tuck in.


I made a mistake with gluing pieces in the wrong order… So I cut off the spire bits and stuck it at the back.  I’m not sure if you can see it clearly in the above photo.  Either way, it’s not too noticeable since there’s a layered effect and the top bits are on the last layer only.


Main part of the Sagrada Familia is completed!  I stuck a couple of the spires down lopsided though… oh well.  And there’s a lot of glue marks.  I’m not the neatest person ever.


Mmm when pieces are pre-cut and all you need to do is stick them together, it’s great!  I wish all my models were like this back in university… but laser cut models was pricey.


And here’s the completed Sagrada Familia!  So adorable~


Anyway, next one up is the music room which was four out of five in difficulty.  The instructions were a lot longer than the Sagrada Familia set, thanks to all those small parts.  Far too fiddly for my liking at times and my UHU glue really wasn’t the best thing to use.  Even more glue marks everywhere!



The book shelf, books and piano weren’t hard to make.  It’s the other smaller stuff that were more fiddly and annoying.  I really needed tweezers for those.


And here’s the finished product!  I ended up sticking down everything except for two books and two loose bits of the globe thing.  I really should’ve stuck down all parts of the globe even though the instructions didn’t say so.  I wasn’t as neat with this paper set compared to the Sagrada Familia one.  I never was that neat at model making either.  And Sagrada Familia one wasn’t really thaaaaat neat too.


I’d love to make more of these sets but I’ll probably stick to something that’s a maximum 3 out of 5 for difficulty.  The small parts, whilst I could make them, were troublesome and fiddly.  And I should probably get another type of glue if I were to make something with lots of small parts…


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