Neko Atsume Gacha

Neko atsume has been such a popular app and with good reason too – the cats are too cute and it’s really easy to play because you just refill food and leave it alone for cats to appear.  I like these types of phone apps where it’s really chill and no need to play for a decent amount of time every day.  Anyway, there’s been a decent amount of neko atsume goods and one of them was their gachapon series.



Two series have been released so far with a third coming out in May.  And oh my god they’re so cute!  I missed out on buying the full set for the first series but for some odd reason, months later, I spotted the first series gachapon at my local supermarket!  Despite it being priced up, I decided to go spin four times aaaand I got Tubbs / まんぞくさん twice.  I kinda wanted Ms. Fortune / こいこいさん … but I’m happy with getting Tubbs too!


This time I knew that the 2nd series was released in April so I went off to Mongkok to try find the full set which, thankfully, I managed to find it!  The first store I went to had sold out but luckily I remembered there was another shop that sells a lot of these gachapon sets.

So here’s the 6 figures that you get from the 2nd series:-




There’s also this… uh, figure set? you can buy off the Premium Bandai website (warning: loud BGM).


I’m really tempted to get this too… I wonder if Mongkok would have any on sale, hmmm…

All these figures are too cute!  I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the 3rd gachapon series when it’s released in May!  I neeeed more, haha.  Oh my poor wallet.  But hey, these aren’t too pricey provided I manage to buy the full set instead of spinning them at the machine!



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