Re-ment: Gudetama & 80’s Nostalgia

I rarely buy entire sets of re-ment miniatures – usually just a box or two from each series but then lately I started to buy entire sets… though it’s just been two sets so far.  Hm.  80’s nostalgia and school goods stationary sets because miniatures are too adorable.  The latter set I’ll be making a separate blog entry for it later.  I was also eyeing this gudetama set, gudetama meets danger, and wondering if I should buy the entire set or just get a box or two but then boyfriend ended up buying it for me… aaahhh @.@  So this entry will be photos of both the gudetama and 80’s nostalgia sets!  I hope I can control myself and not go too crazy with buying more full re-ment sets…


First up is the gudetama set!  It’s so cuuuute~  Also because gudetama is also an adorable character.  I can relate to its lazy personality too well…


I love that half dozen pack of eggs!


Dat gudetama booty. I should point out the handle on the other side of the green pot was missing… shame about that defect.  First time I’ve encountered this for re-ment though.


More gudetama booty


The one sitting outside the bowl is too cute!


I love that cha-han one!  I think it’s my favourite from the entire set.

Next set of photos are from the 80’s nostalgia series.  I bought this because I thought it’d go well with the re-ment kotatsu I bought previously and it’d be great as props for figure shoots.  Unfortunately I don’t have a group photo of the entire set…


Displayed with the kotatsu. I love that hotpot set!


There’s even a miniature VHS tape!


Pretty neat that one of the boxes came with a small table


80’s shoujo goodies and neruneru candy (or should I say ‘nerineri’)

The 80’s nostalgia set was pricier than the gudetama one which shouldn’t really be a surprise since you get a lot more items compared to the gudetama set.  Either way, I love the details of both and the 80’s set will definitely be great as props for figure shoots!  I kinda wish I got into buying re-ment miniatures earlier… because their older sets look even more detailed.  Oh well…



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