Totoro paper art


I’ve had this paper art kit for over a year and I have finally made it.  Ah yes, fish being lazy as per usual.  This is from Sankei’s miniatuart paper kits and I’ve never really made one before.  Parts of this kit also included fake grass/greenery which I also never used before.  Kinda odd considering I went through 5 years of architecture school but using fake greenery like that was banned in the first year, heh.

Time to do what I do best and spam photos!


Everything was stored inside the little box.  That fake grass powder thing really looks like green tea powder…


I really appreciate laser cut things, haha.  It’s just so easy to cut out and stick together!  I wish all my architectural models were laser cut but that would’ve costed so much money…. x___x  The paper was also a lot thicker than the ones used in papernano which is a plus for me.




Gluing the greenery on the tree was rather fun!  I kept on adding more glue wherever I saw gaps and therefore could see the brown branches and ended up with a round, plump tree.


Adding grass was kinda fun too!  But then I’d have this habit of wanting to blow away the excess and forget I have a pile of green powder on my desk… so it got everywhere… Ooops.


And this is how the finished paper set looks like!  Once again, I used the UHU clear liquid glue so I had these… spiderweb-like threads all over the place.  Oops.  I also worried that the branch thing that Totoro sat on top wouldn’t stay upright but it held up pretty good!  Well, it’s not exactly perpendicular but at least it stays up?  I guess this is thanks to the paper itself being pretty thick.

You also had to colour in Satsuki and Mei and I’m glad I had markers and pens in a close enough shade to the example.  And the ‘flowers’?  Oh boy I really sucked at gluing them… the first time I tried, it ended up as this blob…  I really ought to use PVA glue next time.


The back side has a big long bush which… I probably added too much greenery fluff to it…


Making this paper kit was a rather fun experience!  I had more fun with this compared to the paper nano sets but then that’s probably ‘cos this kit was a lot easier to make.  The greenery fluff and powders were also fun too!  I have another set to make and that one is rated 2 out of 3 stars for difficulty, one level up from this Totoro set.  I hope it’s not that much more harder / troublesome…

And then during my recent Japan trip, I bought another two sets ahahaha.  Well, I’m looking forward to completing these (and more paper nano sets).  I bought PVA glue so hopefully it’ll end up being neater next time?  I hope…


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