So posting almost 2 months late, I’m finally making a loot post for Rainbow Gala.  Not much to write up about the actual event since it’s the same same so let’s get straight to the photos!  I didn’t buy toooo much this time.



Pretty happy that I managed to stumble across Kimi to Boku stuff still!  I kinda suspect they’re leftover stock from way back so they keep on selling it until it’s sold out… either way, I love that watercolour style for the fanart.


They came with envelopes too!


I also bought a Vocaloid art book too!  Pretty awesome art style but not very many pages.  I don’t really follow Vocaloid music anymore but I still appreciate pretty art when I come across them.





The last thing I bought was a hand stitched mudkip charm!  I kinda wish I bought more because they’re so cute and pretty unique.  Pixellated pokemon art that doesn’t use that bead art.


Anyway, that’s it for my loot.  Three items bought – set of postcard sized art, art book and a small charm.


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