Kyoto / Osaka Trip Loot

I went to Japan back in April for a week or so and spent 4 days at Kyoto, 1 day in Nara and 2.5 days at Osaka.  I spent… more than I should have.  And having a credit card on me only helped that money vortex spin more easily.  =’D  Most of it was splurged when I returned to Osaka since Kyoto and Nara had a lot more sight seeing activities.  Nevertheless, I still dropped over 10,000 JPY at Pokemon Center Kyoto on the first day.  Hm.

Without further ado, let’s start the photo spam!


Too much stuff to try and organise them neatly for an overall loot photo, oops.

First up, my Pokemon loot.  I managed to go to both Pokemon Centers in Kyoto and Osaka… and the Pokemon Store at Kansai International Airport.  The Kyoto centre is much smaller than the one at Osaka but it still stocks a decent amount of goodies there.  I was so happy to get the full set of the ditto series in small size!  At both the Osaka centre and Kansai store, all the bulbasaurs were gone, awww…

Here’s some quick snapshots from my phone of the pokemon center/store:-

20160416_193519 (kyoto).jpg


20160421_122231 (osaka).jpg


20160423_154106 (kansai)

Kansai International Airport

And now finally the Pokemon loot itself:-


My entire Pokemon loot

Lugia and Ho-oh pikachu plushies were released on the day I flew back to HK but luckily, they were sold at the airport too!  So I snagged a ho-oh pikachu since it’s Kyoto centre’s mascot.  And so the money vortex continues to spin…  The extra bulbasaur!ditto and ditto-riding-on-ponyta plushies are for Pudding and not for me. But even if you remove those two, there’s still a lot of remaining plushies for me…

When I went to Pokemon Center Osaka, I initially left without buying anything since all the plushies I wanted I had already purchased in Kyoto.  But then Pudding messaged me he wanted the ditto-on-ponyta plushie so I went back upstairs to buy it.  And since I was planning on paying with my credit card and didn’t want to use it for such a small amount (less than 1000 JPY), I decided to throw a couple more items into my basket – the swablu plushie and canvas drawstring bag.  Ah… that money vortex…


Ditto plushies are so adorable!


Of course I had to buy the Kyoto exclusive plushies!


I was given freebie postcards at the Kyoto centre!

Up next: Disney loot.  Seriously, Japan has really adorable Disney goods that are far better than American ones and much more to my taste.  USA, you need to up your game.  I went to the Shinsaibashi Disney Store two days in a row and I had to hold myself back from spending more.  If I went to actual Tokyo Disneyland, I’d probably spend too much…  I’m pretty sure there’d be more goods inside the actual theme park.


I found out that only Japan Disney has this ‘Disney Unibearsity’ thing where supposedly each of the Disney characters creates their own bear which then gets sold as plushies.  So what I have in the above photo is Mickey’s, Minnie’s and White Rabbit’s bears.  Minnie’s bear just happens to be called purin… what a coincidence…  They’re also so fluffy and so soft!  Each of the bears comes with not only a phone strap/ball chain but also a pin!


The small sized bears are so adorable~

Now for my other miscellaneous loot I bought at both Kyoto and Osaka:-


From BIC Camera and Tokyu Hands


Close-up of the miniature sets I bought from Tokyu Hands


Managed to find more Studio Ghibli paper art stuff!


Charms and bits I bought from both Kyoto and Osaka


All three charms were from Kyoto.  I was so happy to find konpeito ones!


I may have gone overboard with the frixion markers.  I use them a lot at work so I decided to stock up on them.

Of course, I also did a bit of gachapon when I saw any nice looking ones.  I wish I spun a couple more times for the bird ones though…  I also wish the airport had a place full of gachapon machines so I could use up my 100 yen coins.



I also bought one item of clothing at Shinsaibashi which I didn’t bother taking a photo of.  My only clothing piece that I bought during a Japan trip.  Wow.  And also bought 4x 20 instax film packs.  Oh yes, stock up on the films.

On the last day of the trip, I wandered around LUCUA at Umeda and, to my surprise, stumbled across a small Q-Pot shop!  So then I splurged money immediately.  Oh ho.  I was planning on getting just one necklace but I ended up with two.  I was all set for getting just the ice-cream one and then buy some other small item to raise the overall amount to over 10k JPY to get tax free… but then Mum pointed out this lemon necklace that she really liked and… I agreed with her too.  So then I bought both.  Because why not.


And that’s it for my loot.  Excluding pokemon plushies, most of my purchases were from Osaka…

Though, there is one more item not pictured, aside from that one item of clothing.  It’s another kit lens for my Fujifilm X-M1 because I broke my kit lens on the first day.  My camera slid off my shoulder as I got up and it fell to the ground, breaking the plastic connector bits at the base of the kit lens.  I didn’t bring any other lens with me so I had to rush to BIC Camera to buy another kit lens.  That was my priciest purchase of the entire trip.  Ahh…. Breaking my camera lens on the first day of a trip that is full of sight seeing… @.@  At least it was just the kit lens!


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