ACGHK 2016 loot

A much belated loot post from ACGHK.  For my figure photos, please check out my photoblog here and here.  This time I’m too lazy to do an actual con write-up so let’s go straight to my loot!



First up, I was happy to see that the cheap nanoblock stall reappeared again this year!  Initially I wasn’t going to buy much but then they had the “buy more and get a bigger discount” thing happening so I splitted the nanoblock stuffs with my friend.  And because of the decent discount, I ended up getting farfetch’d thanks to Pokemon Go influences.  And then the orca as well because why not continue my sea creatures nanoblock theme?


Farfetch’d is so cute in nanoblock form!

Lego store made a return this time with HK themed displays on the outside of the booth area.  They had a promotion happening where if you spent x amount of money, you can redeem a free first order stormtrooper minifigure at the new Lego store at Mongkok.  There weren’t any Lego sets I really wanted and there’s no point forcing self to buy something just for that minifigure.  I mean, I’ll just wait for Lego to release a Star Wars set that I like with a First Order trooper minifigure.


I saw these keyrings and I just had to get them

One item I had my eye on before attending ACGHK was the shiny chrome Captain Phasma Egg Attack Action figure by Beast Kingdom.  Oh yes.  I was stalking Kids Nation’s facebook page to see what figures they planned on selling and they had not only a shiny Captain Phasma, but also a shiny silver stormtrooper and shiny golden sandtrooper.  Wow.

Initially I was worried that the shininess would make her appear too tacky and cheap but it’s a decent shine!  And I felt she looked better than the normal/matte version.  The golden sandtrooper, on the other hand… Definitely not my cup of tea…


There’s a sticker saying what number my limited figure is!


Back of the box

Not surprisingly, she’s hard to photograph in the sense that she reflects everything.  I also hoped her cape would have wire at the bottom like Darth Vader’s but there’s none.  I guess her cape’s too short?



And here’s a photo of my current collection of Egg Attack Action figures.  I look at that and recall the amount of money I’ve bled on these… ah… But they’re so adorable and very posable!



Nendoroid for size comparison. The nendo looks like a child next to them!

So that’s all the loot from official stalls.  I did check out CP03 upstairs as well but I was so tired by the time I got there.  There weren’t any doujin goods that attracted my attention but I guess the fact that I was low on cash after spending money on Captain Phasma and the nanoblocks meant that I held onto my money more.  And being tired meant not in the mood to browse properly.

My best purchase from this con was definitely Captain Phasma!  After her, I don’t know if there’s any other Egg Attack Action figures I want to get… perhaps a First Order trooper one if I see it?  Hm…


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