Haul from Hong Kong Disneyland (x2)

Aaaah, long time no post.  First, it was studying/exams that took over my spare time, then my secondary HDD died, and that was where I had saved all my photos… Luckily, I still had a backup of them on my SD cards.  All my processed photos were uploaded on flickr or wordpress so I technically didn’t lose any photos, phew.  As a result, I didn’t get back into processing any photos until months later.  Oops.

As the title says, this post contains loot from both my Hong Kong Disneyland trips from last year in September during their Halloween event, and this month during their Easter/spring time event.  Last year was my first time going to HKDL too… it’s pretty small and very chill compared to Walt Disney World in late January.  I still enjoyed it and, because it was pretty relaxed, it meant you can go on whatever ride you want without having to worry about wait times or fastpasses (except maybe for that Pooh Bear ride…).  I went back again this month mostly to check out the new Iron Man ride, and also to check out their springtime parade and the Easter egg decorations.  I foresee myself going back to HKDL maybe once a year… especially since they’re planning on opening up something new almost every year until 2023.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s photos of my HKDL haul!


September 2016 haul


April 2017 haul

First up, let’s take a closer look of my September 2016 loot.  They’re mostly Duffy/Shellie May plushies, heh.  I’m so glad that HKDL stocks a decent amount of them.  They’re so cute!  I kinda regret not buying the Dory!Shellie May plushie though… Anyway, I had to buy the default Duffy and Shellie May small sized plushies, as a memento.  I then bought the snorkling Duffy because it’s too cute, and why not get the Halloween 2016 Duffy too?


I also bought Halloween 2016 versions of Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck in their tsumtsum form.


I didn’t want to go crazy with buying tsumtsums so I limited myself to fish related ones, and they ended up being Flounder and Nemo.  I was going to buy Dory too, but the blue on her back fin seemed to be rubbed off easily?  That small defect bothered me a fair amount so I ended up not buying Dory.


Up next are the things I bought this month at HKDL!
I apologise in advance for any weird colour/lighting in my photos since I took them at night.

I bought magnets from their Springtime Event merchandise.  The Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni ones are so cute, especially Gelatoni.  I’m surprised they included Chip and Dale, and not give us Mickey with Minnie and a third bonus character.


I had to get a small Gelatoni plushie so I could collect Duffy’s friends.  I didn’t get his default outfit or the springtime version, since I found them kinda boring… I’m not sure what the below outfit is from, though, but I prefer it the best out of the three.


The below Mike and Sully hairties were kinda impulse buys… they looked so cute and there was only one left so I bought them.  Yes.


Aaand then as I was browsing the jewellery section, I came across plastic clip on earrings. That was a surprise to me… I think they must’ve been Japanese merchandise because I’ve only seen this style of non-piercing earrings from Japanese jewellery.  There weren’t any other earring designs with this style of earrings so I bought them, oh ho.  I mean, they’re cute and I don’t mind wearing four out of the five designs.


I wasn’t planning on buying any hats but the design of the below cap was nice and simple.  Plus I don’t own any caps in HK.  The back half of the cap is black and mesh-like.


I wanted to buy my buildabear some clothes, and only HKDL has Duffy/Shellie May outfits.  I was going to buy Sorceror Mickey clothes too, but the hat was just so big… so I ended up getting only the default Shellie May outfit.  They had the Dory outfit for 50% off but it’s so big and ridiculous that… I just really shouldn’t buy it?  I mean, I’d rather save the money to spend on something else.


It fits the bear nicely except for the hat.  The ears are positioned higher than Duffy/Shellie May’s so the elastics tend to slip off his ears easily.  Oh well…

And why not have a photo of the guidemap and the times guide?  I’m happy that the week I visited HKDL had Heihei on the front!


And that’s my combined haul from my two trips to HKDL.  Their Disney merchandise is mostly the same as American Disneyland (I think), but I think we have some Japanese mercandise too?  And a tiny bit of HKDL only merchandise.

Speaking of Japanese Disney goods, I’ll be visiting Tokyo Disney Sea early next month!  It’ll be my first visit and I worry for my wallet so bad, ahahaha.  Their merchandise is heaps cuter, and then all their Duffy goods… oh noooo… I also want to get Stella Lou goods too!  So yeah, that’ll probably be a blog post of its own, potentially a fairly big blog post… We’ll see, I guess.


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