Tokyo Trip Haul

My wallet weeps.

I swear, with each time I go to a Disney theme park, I spend more?  But then it’s most likely because Japanese Disney merchandise is more to my taste than American merchandise, and HKDL goods lie somewhere between the two.  Japanese Disney goods are too cute!  And then I had to visit a Disney Store since the merchandise they stock there aren’t available within the theme parks, and vice versa.  I also visited Kiddy Land and Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center too!  My poor wallet…  I didn’t get to spend much time at Tokyu Hands, otherwise my wallet would’ve bled more.


Hmm, messy haul photo… and I probably shouldn’t have used a red background but that’s my bed sheets at the moment, heh.

First up: Tokyo Disney Sea loot.  So many cute merchandise!  I had to resist buying whatever tickled my fancy… so I ended up just taking photos of them on my phone?  I still ended up buying a decent amount though.  Perhaps I’ll make a post of other merchandise I found at Disney Sea.  I’ll see if my phone photos are decent enough.


Hm, I said I’d control myself with buying plushies as I don’t have much display space, but I just couldn’t resist, huh.


I wanted to get the huge Minnie bow headband before I even arrived at Disney Sea.  I’ve seen people wear them in vlogs and it’s TDR only.  It’s so ridiculously large, but you don’t feel odd wearing it because so many people wear them too!  They also come in a few other colours as well.  And then Mum bought a Shellie May headband to wear, haha.  I’m secretly glad that she did too, because that’s an alternative headband I can wear to Disney theme parks in future if I want to be more low key. *cough*I’mplanningongoingtoDisneylandatCalifornialaterthisyear*cough*


I honestly wasn’t going to buy the big Stella Lou toy.  I was aiming for the pouch instead, but then when I was at the store and saw rows and rows of Stella Lou with her sweet look, I just… caved in?  And that meant I had to buy her outfit too, oops.  I also picked up Duffy’s default JP outfit so I can make my build-a-bear, Olaf, wear it.


Olaf finally has pants! (I also kinda stuffed up Stella Lou’s collar… oops)


Initially, I was going to buy just Donald Duck in his Fashionable Easter outfit, but then Daisy looked absolutely fabulous in her outfit so I had to get them as a pair?  I am terrible with these semi-impulse spendings.  I mean, I kinda do operate with the ‘buy now regret later’ mindset when on holidays.  Perhaps not the best tactic… I also bought a small version of Shellie May in her Tokyo default outfit.


I kinda wanted a badge as a memorabilia?  I missed out on seeing their Fashionable Easter event though… I missed the morning session since I was busy grabbing fastpass for Journey to the Centre of the Earth and then queuing for another ride.  For the following two afternoon sessions, they were cancelled due to the rain.  We got a character greeting instead for the 4:30pm session though!  But it’s still not the actual show… Shame… =(


All the phone straps and keychains I bought!  I’ll probably be giving out a couple as gifts for friends.  I’m loving the Chesire cat phone strap and I use it during my weekends.  It’s so fluffy~


That turkey drumstick, ahahaha.  It’s so detailed!  So ridiculous that Japan decided to make a keychain based off that.  I also couldn’t resist buying the miniature food keychain items.  There was also a ramen one too.


Popcorn keychains with miniature popcorn buckets!  The lids open up too!  And then the mini rabbit headband and fluff ball, too adorable to not buy, aahhh, money vortex…


Mini macaron phone straps that I sorta impulse bought, since I could give them out as gifts too.  They had Mickey shaped lollipop ones as well.  They looked cute and colourful, very tempting to get, but I already have a pack of four.  I doubt I really needed another pack of four…

Up next is my haul from Disney Store.  The store at Shibuya offers tax-free exemption, which was super handy.  Aaand you can get tax-free when you spend over 5000 JPY, which is too easy to achieve at Disney Store, oops.  As a side note, there wasn’t tax applied for purchases within the theme parks.  Interesting.


I had wanted to get a crossover body bag to hold my phone and other things, and the ones sold at Disney Sea were far too small to fit my phone (aahh the Mickey hamburger is so cute though!!).  Luckily, Disney Store sold a variety of them.  And I ended up buying Chip, because I’ve started to like Chip and Dale more.

Disney Store released these hoodie outfits for their medium sized unibearsity plushies.  They weren’t there last year… and they’re all so cute!  Of course I had to buy a fish one, heh.  Shame there weren’t any Nemo or Dory ones though.  A Flounder shall suffice.


Such a cutiepie!

Next: my loot from Pokemon Centre.


I didn’t buy much this time.  There weren’t that many cute goods, and I had hoped to buy a couple of the small plushies from their most recent ditto series, but only gloom was left.  Initially I was going to buy just the bulbasaur from the pokemon time series, but then I took a photo of it with charmander and… ended up wanting to buy both?  I would’ve bought squirtle too, if there was a small version.  Alas, only a larger size was available… I’m sorry, squirtle.

I also tried my luck with the rement randoseru and got Gengar.  Not exactly the one I wanted, but I guess it’s okay too.


Close up of the deco tape I bought


Pokecen also had nanoblock sets for the starters from sun/moon, so I picked up litten on behalf of a friend.


Pokecen gave you this card as a gift when you purchase anything from there.  I’m not sure of the amount… but when I went back to buy 2x nanoblock sets, they still gave me a freebie card.

And here we have my haul from Kiddyland.


I saw they had these new nanobead things, from the same company that makes nanoblocks.  It’s basically those bead things that you iron afterwards.  So I bought to try them out.  The squishy whale thing is from the Sanrio section, and it’s so soft and squishy that… I ended up buying it, oops.

Rest of my haul are jewellery items and gachapon.  I also bought a few items of clothing and a watch too, but I didn’t want to take photos of them.  Anyway, jewellery first.


Since I was in Tokyo, I had to visit the Q-Pot flagship store at Harajuku.  I was hoping to buy their fruit ice-block necklace, but it wasn’t on display at all.  So I opted for a macaron instead.  So cute!


Excuse my shoddy lighting/editing there.  So after my colleague introduced me to non-pierced earrings that featured plastic clips, I decided to check out the shop, Osewaya, at Harajuku.  They had so many!  I had to limit myself to buying only 4 sets, but my god, they have so many cute ones as well.  I also bought a choker from this shop too, but it’s pretty simple in design.


Gachapon and pressed penny from Disney Sea.  I was too lazy to really search for the coin machines in Tokyo, plus you couldn’t just tap your train card like in HKDL.  I found one that had both the month and year on it, so I figured that’ll be a neat souvenir.

Aside from pokemon, the other gachapon items were from the gachapon area at Narita Airport.  What a great way to use up your 100 yen coins!


The pokemon ones were from pokecen, and I was so happy to find they still had both the ditto series!  I went for the first series and on first spin, I got a squirtle!  Yaaaay, I didn’t buy a squirtle plushie, but he returned to me at gachapon~

Anyway, that’s the majority of my purchases during my almost one week trip at Tokyo.  I’ll have photos of my trip up on my photoblog… some time in the future… I still need to process my Kyoto ones from last year.  Oops.


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