Gachapon & Sylvanian Families

I guess you could call this a mini haul of sorts… I bought a few Sylvanian Families sets a couple of weeks back when there was a discount sale happening at a JP department store.  They’re only figure sets though.  And then I also went to look at gachapon machines as I haven’t done that for a while.

So let’s start with the gachapon.  I came across a gachapon of… miniature gachapon machines.  Yes!


It’s so awesome!  You can actually spin the knob and the balls actually roll out too!  Everything is pretty detailed for a 200JPY gacha.  I’m so happy I came across this!



The other gacha I tried out was a Pokemon snow globe one.  The idea intrigued me and so I figured why not try it out?  I think it was a 200 JPY gacha too.  All you had to do was put the sticker on for the water background, add the glitter, then add water.  And voilà, a snow globe!




I kinda wish I got the lapras or popplio and its evolutions instead.  But I’m okay with this too.  Better than pikachu and exeggutor.  They don’t really make sense being underwater…

As a bonus, I came across this gacha:


A friend explained that it’s a JP word pun where ‘kaikaburi’ can be translated as ‘to overestimate’ or ‘to put in a shell’… or something like that.  I don’t recall her explanation that well, oops.  I was tempted to spin once but then decided not to…

…my colleague, on the other hand, spun it three times and got two repeats, haha.  These are the two different versions she got:


Now onto my Sylvanian Families mini haul!  I bought 4 sets in total, and they’re all figure sets. The latest series featured a fancy looking town with shops and restaurants and the like.  Part of this series involved miniature violins and cellos and… there was a great temptation to buy them.  Ah yes, my bias towards stringed instruments… I’m a bit so-so with white cat and her dress, but I really do want that miniature cello!


There was also a koala family that I couldn’t say no to buying, as well as a set of trio preschoolers!  They’re so adorable~  There was a kangaroo family too but I preferred the koala family as they looked cuter, plus, the baby koala clings onto the mother’s back!  I also swear they’re bigger than the figures I have from the 90’s… Shame they’re all in Australia so I can’t do a size comparison.


Anyway, here’s a couple of photos of the figures!  Please excuse the crappy lighting and… not-so-focused photos… I had to take these photos at night, heh.





Ah yes, on the following day, I went back to roll another mini gachapon machine, ahahaha.  It has become one of my favourite gachas.  Amazing detail and quality for only 200 JPY!


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