Beauty & the Beast Brickheadz

Brickheadz is an interesting line that Lego has come up with.  The designs can be pretty cute in their chubby, block form.  I was tempted to buy one but the current line-up are either Marvel, DC Comics or Disney, and I wasn’t that interested in any of them, save for maybe Robin Hood?  Only because he looked cute with his goggles, haha.  Anyway, parents went holidays to north Europe and came back with Lego from Denmark.  I… guess I don’t mind?  I like Lego anyway!  They got me Belle and the Beast.



Um, yeah, I already opened the boxes when I took the photos, oops.  I had already built Belle beforehand too.  It’s pretty straightforward and easy, as to be expected.  As for the line up choice, I guess Disney went with their most recent popular movies?  Pirates of the Carribbean and Beauty and the Beast.  A kinda strange combination…

Anyway, here’s progress shots of the Beast.



Without his face, he looks kinda… lulz


Almost done!

And here’s the finished product, along with Belle:





Pretty cute, though I find Belle kinda so-so, heh.  Her face is too bland in this style.  Beast, on the other hand, looks more adorable than Belle.  Would I buy more?  It depends on their future releases.  If they did a Star Wars line-up that included stormtrooper and/or Darth Vader… hmmmm.


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