Hello there!  I’m Fishy aka lorrainefish and… rather random, easily amused, etc.  I grew up in Australia and currently living and working in HK and making my wallet cry from throwing my money around too much.  I fall in/out of fandoms easily but that depends mostly on how much fuel there is.  However, these are the fandoms I’ll always be in:-

  • Gintama
  • Natsume Yuujinchou
  • Ace Attorney
  • Star Wars (trololol)

I also love photography and my photos will be posted on my photoblog instead.  That includes all my figure photography too.

Initially I thought I had to create a wordpress blog in order to post entries on my friend’s blog.  It didn’t really have a purpose until later on when I figured I could use this as a space to post my anime/figure-related loot photos and anything else related to anime/figures.

Oh, and as for the weirdly named page titles, they’re just lists of things I own.  Because I apparently like to keep lists of things I’ve bled money for.  I’m forever stuck in the money vortex.