So posting almost 2 months late, I’m finally making a loot post for Rainbow Gala.  Not much to write up about the actual event since it’s the same same so let’s get straight to the photos!  I didn’t buy toooo much this time.



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Now that exams are over and done with, I can get back to editing my backlog of photos and finally post my loot!  I also have a few other entries planned so hopefully I don’t lag behind.  Exams ate up so much time thanks to all that studying required… I’ve never studied so much before.  It sure is called architorture…

Anyway, before I show you goodies I bought at CWHK40 (which was back in 30th August), let me quickly show you this amazing Gintama clear file my friend got for me when he went to… I think it was CWT in Taiwan.  Not sure which CWT though…


Front & back of amazing clear file

Now onto my actual CWHK40 loot!

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Artbook: Nao Tsukiji Illustration Nostalgia


I previously bought Nao Tsukiji’s Adekan artbook and then upon receiving it, I promptly decided that I shall buy her previous art book too!  I absolutely love her colourful art style and how it’s so soft and gentle.  And the details!  It supposedly has 159 pages which is more than the Adekan artbook – 71 pages in total.  So that’s more than double the content.  However, it’s softcover instead but that doesn’t bother me.

Onwards with some photos of the book~ (And yes, there’s some Adekan art within the art book, but obviously not as much as her other art book).

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Loot: Panda Project


This loot was bought back in January.  It’s a pretty small loot because it’s one fairly big doujin table/circle selling their things in stock.  This table, Panda Project, usually has pretty long queues at doujin events because they sell overseas doujins, mostly Taiwanese, I think?  Anyway, I didn’t even know about this sale they had.  A friend of mine told me about it because she spotted something she wanted being sold there.

…so then I dragged my usual doujin event buddy and went there, haha.  There were a couple of other items that I had my eye on as well!

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Loot: Rainbow Gala 12


Loot posts are forever late.  Yep.  Anyway, Rainbow Gala 12 was last December and somehow, I managed to buy more artbooks and cosplay photobooks this time round.  So this means this post will be very image heavy.  Delicious art is delicious!

I was so happy when Reika announced that she’ll be coming to Rainbow Gala!  However, it meant I’d have to queue for hours just to see her and buy her photobooks, heh.  She started selling meet-and-greet tickets at 1pm and I was already queuing just after 11 am.  Thankfully, the wait wasn’t as long as AGCHK – that was absolutely insane and disorganised.

So after buying her tickets just after 1pm, I decided to enter the room and wait for another hour inside.  Luckily I did that because I was about 2nd or 3rd row towards the front.  We also had the opportunity to take photos with Reika too!  One polaroid per person and you can also use your own camera/phone if you’re quick about it.  I got lazy with my own phone and was content with getting just a polaroid.  I’m hoping if Reika comes again in future, things progress just as smoothly and organised as this time!  (Though perhaps if the queuing time was shorter, then that’ll be great)

Ah, a side note (mostly for myself): next time for Rainbow Gala, I’d really have to get there at least 11 am because they hand out cards that indicate what time you’re allowed to enter the doujin hall.  So arriving just after 11 am, we got cards for entering at 1:30 pm, I think.  Just, wow.  At least it’s better than queuing for 3.5 hours or so outdoors like back in RG8, I think it was.

And now for photos!

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Artbooks: Kagamine Rin/Len & Megurine Luka


My artbook collection is slowly growing, uh oh.  Anyway, I bought the Luka artbook at first since that was the one I really wanted (I bought Miku’s a while back when Luka’s wasn’t out in HK/TW yet).  And then after buying hers, I figured I should get Kagamine Rin/Len too so I can have the set completed.  I don’t mind buying it because having a collection of various artists’ works is nice since I don’t really know that many Vocaloid artists.  Plus HK/TW version is much cheaper than the JP counterpart so I don’t have to bleed a lot of money for both!

I’m feeling rather lazy at the moment (or more like, I want to finish this post quickly so I can get back into Ace Attorney, oops) so I won’t do a review kinda thing and just… photo spam.  Yes.

Onwards we go with photo spam!  Let’s begin with Kagamine Rin/Len.  There were a few artists I recognise in this collection!  Also, please excuse my horrible photos (holding down softcover books with one hand is hard) and weird WB at times.  Some of the Kagamine fanarts threw me off thanks to their warmer tones.

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Artbook: Adekan


I bought this artbook (極彩少年 尚月地第二画集) back in September from CDJ and it is just absolutely gorgeous!  It’s by artist Nao Tsukiji (尚月地) and this art book is filled with art from her manga, Adekan.  I love her art style a lot – it’s so detailed and so colourful!  There’s a nice softness about it like a watercolour painting, I suppose.  Sometimes I find that too much colour in an artwork is too distracting but her art is a feast for your eyes.  I guess it’s also because she’s thrown in so much detail that the use of so many colours becomes acceptable to me?

Anyway, onwards with photos!  Keep in mind I’ve had to edit the colours again so they don’t reflect the actual colours in the book 100%.

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