Loot: CDs & C84 goodies

This loot entry was originally meant to be two separate entries but, eh, why not put it all together!  The CDs were all from last month and C84 is this month.  For once, I didn’t get any CDs from comiket mostly because my friend didn’t attend day 3 and thanks to owning Reika’s shingeki photobook, I suddenly felt like trying to get more cosplay photobooks.  I wasn’t really interested in them before.

First up, my CDs:


….yeah, so I also threw money at a Kajiura live concert DVD.  I normally wouldn’t buy these because of the price but I got so excited over Kajiura’s live concert in HK next month that I felt like splurging money!?  And this costs more than my concert ticket…..

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Shingeki no Kyojin OST

I’m… somewhat tempted to get this CD after hearing the samples.  Through… particular means, I’m listening to the full album now and if it wins me over, I’ll go buy it.  These track names are…. interesting.

1.     attack ON titan [dramatic piece of music]
2.     The Reluctant Heroes
3.     eye-water
4.     立body機motion [this track is amazing!]
5.     counter・attack-mankind
6.     army⇒G♂ [that violin!!]
7.     Vogel im Kafig [nice gentle music with vocals as instruments. I like!]
8.     DOA
9.     凸】♀】♂】←巨人
10.     E・M・A [yet another orchestral piece that appeals to me]
11.     巨♀~9地区
12.     Bauklotze [female vocals!  nice song!  +1 like]
13.     2chi城
14.     XL-TT [dramatic orchestral music is dramatic]
15.     Call your name
16.     omake-pfadlib

Urgh, so indecisive over whether I’d like to buy it or not.  I do love the orchestral pieces!  (and I do have this bias for stringed instruments)

Reorganised my shelf!

Heh, it’s been a while since I last did a post here.  I noticed I had a draft post for 2012 wonfes (winter) but I never posted it, oops.  I’m not even sure on what to use this blog for but I guess I’ll continue with the figures/anime stuff.

Anyway, I finally cleaned out my bookshelf and placed my CDs and figures there~  Photo time!  inb4 this turns into photoblog #2.


^ Current shelf set-up.  I’ve re-organised which books get to be put there and also moved my JP CDs as well!  I guess when I get more CDs, I’ll move a book over to the bookshelf in my bedroom…. I have quite a lot of old books in the storage room thing, heh.  They’re mostly books from my primary school days~

Also: I love that Gin-chan!Elizabeth plushie.  A friend bought it for me from Japan.

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Flower Drops.  2300 yen.  BUT IT SOUNDS GOOD and most tracks by doriko?

Whether or not I bleed monies on this depends if Syaoyue can add another order to a current one she has.  BUT OMG, I’d love to own it.  I MEAN, WEBSITE’S SO PRETTY TOO wwwww  If she can, I doubt I made it in time for the toranoana special aka monochoract.  ;w;

1. Flower Drops 作詞・作曲:doriko 編曲:KAIDOU
2. Humanoid   作詞・作曲:doriko 編曲:KAIDOU
3. 飴か夢    作詞・作曲・編曲:doriko
4. 君の軌跡   作詞:YURiCa (補作詞:minato) 作曲・編曲:齋藤真也
5. 笹舟     作詞・作曲:doriko 編曲:F☆T
6. ロミオとシンデレラ 作詞・作曲・編曲:doriko
7. 簪      作詞・作曲:doriko 編曲:doriko&KAIDOU
8. キャットフード 作詞・作曲・編曲:doriko
9. 最初の涙   作詞・作曲:田村直美 編曲:LIT-TUM
10. ニワカアメ  作詞・作曲:天野月 編曲:F☆T
11. 花のように  作詞・作曲:doriko 編曲:KAIDOU

Track #5 sounds reaaaly nice.  *w*

C79 loot~!

Figured I should make a new entry here, heh.  I won’t bother going into full details about fuyucomi because I’ve said it almost everywhere (‘cept for tofu’s blog… hm).

But anyway, I figured I may as well upload photos of my loot~  (as for photos of the stuff I got on behalf of friends, they’re on my twitpic)

The colours are OH SO WONDERFUL because I took them inside the hotel room with my not-so-nice camera… and everything just went wheee ‘cos of the bed~

^ impulse buys.  =’D  I wasn’t gonna get them but the queue for Gift wasn’t very long and I saw the takoluka plushies….. AND THEN SENJOUGAHARA PLUSHIE… aaaaaaah.

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C79 CDs~

Just making a note of which ones I’m interested in:

Commercial (all days)

Label: Tora no Ana
Release Title: Project DownHill Queen
Genre: Touhou (InitialD-esque Eurobeat)
Members: Nodoame, Yurika (Hanatan)
^ making a note of this ‘cos of the singers + Initial D-esque Eurobeat factor

Day 3

Circle: Last Note.
Release Title: Vocalize
Members: amu, ichigo, ASK, Usa, vip-Tenchou, Lon, Hanatan, Sekihan, Nodoame
頒布スペース / 12/31(金) 東4ホール “リ” 55a 『Last Note.』
^ AAAAH, DO WANT.  And +1 for Neko~

Circle: Hijoushoku
Release Title: ??? (Drama CD)
Members: Soma, Shirokuro, Riseha, jonyh, amu, Reji
^ just making a note of this, don’t think I’d get.

Circle: GARNiDELiA
Release Title: ???
Members: MARiA

Circle: うさころにー (usacolony)
Release Title: Marble
Space: 東シ74ab
Price: 500

doriko’s romishin album


Yay, finally a preview thingo of his album!

01 キャットフード →sm12774972
02 茜コントラスト
03 エトランゼ
04 Mermaid
06 Paradise Cage
07 六月病
08 ローレライ
09 ロミオとシンデレラ →sm6666016
10 Red Garden -type M-
11 曲がり角
12 飴か夢 →watch/1265371393
13 ストラップ

Nov 24 release; 2625 yen


…yeah, I think I’ll fall for that album if I see it in JP.