DRAMAtical Murder


Somewhat on a whim, I decided I’d go and play this game.  I have a friend who’s into it and she enjoyed it so… surely it’s good?  It’s the first time I played a BL VN and I really was not used to the sounds during the obligatory 18+ scenes. D:

Anyway, posting screenshots ahead which also means spoilers ahead!!
Long post is long too… oops.

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Umineko: Eps 6 – 8

I finished this a while back and OH BOYYYY, WOW…. boy it’s amazing!  I can’t wait for the PS3 patch for chiru because voicesssss.  I’d love to re-read ep 7 with voices!  Anyway, after finishing all of it, I was kinda lost and… this series is really something where you should sit down and think about it before launching into the next ep.  At least that’s what I think would be the best so you can test out your own theories?  Either way, it’s definitely worth re-reading it which is what I’ve been doing (with the PS3 patch too!  The voices add a lot).  Now that I know many things now, re-reading ep 1 is a completely different experience but, eh, I’ll make a blog entry on that later.

Anyway, time for random screenshots I took (and there’s a lot in here):


Erika’s love for chopsticks is just so adorable

Yep, spoilers beware.  Let’s begin with ep 6 screenshots.

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Umineko: HOLY CRAP EP 5

Indeed… as someone said, episode 5 = the beginning of intense feels.  Oh god… OH GOD.  I also went… screenshot crazy, oops.  Anyway, I didn’t intend to make an entry just for episode 5 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru but… there’s just so many screenshots I took compared to eps 1-4 that I’d better put this all in one entry.

And there’s no Battler perviness, lol.  Anyway, spoilers ahead!

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Battler is such a pervert.


Recently, I finished playing Umineko no Naku Koro ni.  I’ve seen the anime before, partly because I knew it was the same writer (Ryukishi07) as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which I enjoyed.  I’ve never played the game for Higurashi and only saw the anime but I’ve dug up enough about the game to gather the fact that they’ve missed out on a lot of details for the Higurashi anime.  Nonetheless, I really liked the whole story/setting/etc. for Higurashi so when I heard that Umineko was also written by Ryukishi07 and was also getting animated, of course I’d want to watch it!  There’s probably no hope for a second season so I was really glad that I managed to get my hands on Umineko the game~

I didn’t remember much of the anime but as I played, I slowly remembered more.  And my god, episode 4 was really long. @.@;;  After a certain point, I honestly don’t remember any of the events happening in the anime.  I’m not sure if it’s cut out, or shortened or just briefly mentioned… or I simply forgot, heh.  But oh boy, episode 4 was really long.

Anyway, I digress.  This isn’t meant to be some game review but just a post on how I had forgotten how pervy Battler is!  Oh boy, the things he says… all the boob comments!!  I couldn’t help but to screenshot his pervy comments.  XD  More screenshots from ep 1 to 4 under the cut~

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