Star Wars at Times Square, HK


I didn’t know about this until a colleague told me about it but during December, there was a Lego and Hot Toys display of Star Wars figures at Times Square!  Oh my god I was so happy when I got to see it, even though it was drizzling with rain.  Outside was giant Lego and there was a small indoors area with a TV and regular sized Lego displays.  Up at the atrium was the Hot Toys display featuring characters from the latest movie, The Force Awakens.


And now to spam photos!

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Keychains and corkboard


Initially I used an earring display case from Muji to display my rubber straps and keychains since dust is a big problem in HK.  But now my keychain collection has grown so much that I really wanted to display as many of them as possible instead of keeping them in plastic boxes.  So I decided to go with the corkboard option for just my plastic and metal ones.  And dust when needed.  Yeah.  Hm.

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Washi tapes keep rollin’ in


Since my previous entry on washi/deco tapes, I’ve bought even more washi tapes at doujin events.  I just can’t seem to say no to any cute looking washi tapes I come across, oops.  And on top of that, there’s still a fair amount of circles selling these tapes too.  Actually, I’m already holding back at events… but I still end up with tape.  It’s grown to the point where I feel tempted to buy some of the mt tape ones, especially the thinner ones.  And then I feel this desire to cover everything with pretty tape… hm.

Anyway, here’s dodgy close up shots of my current collection:-
(Yep, I decided I had to display them on cards so I can keep record of which ones I own and which circle they’re from)

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One Piece Docks at HK


About two months ago, Times Square held an exhibition for One Piece.  Being a One Piece fan, I had to go check it out.  It was pretty awesome because they had a large version of Thousand Sunny that you could actually climb onto!  And then inside the building itself, there was a large Going Merry floating in the atrium space.  There were also some One Piece figures on display as well as larger statues of them.  I think there was also a small merchandise shop too?  I didn’t really check out that shop though.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s spam photos, heh.

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Deco/Washi Tape


I’ve bought so many different types of deco/washi tape over the past year that I’ve ended up with more than I need.  But there’s just so many you can buy so easily here in Hong Kong!  And on top of that, at doujin events, there’s so many cute deco/washi tape made by fans.  I’ve even spotted official deco/washi tape at Animate too… I’m pretty sure it’ll continue to be a thing at doujin events because I see some really cute ones being advertised on doujin circles’ websites.  Ah… I need to control myself with the amount I buy though…

Anyway, onwards with photos of my collection…!?

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Rubber strap display

If I could, I’d use a corkboard to display my rubber straps and keychains but with dust being a big problem, I can’t use that option.  It’d be nuts having to dust the straps and keychains on a frequent basis.  Instead, I decided to use an earring stand from Muji since they’re inside a case and therefore protected from dust!


It’s not as great as a corkboard but this will do considering my circumstances.  Rubbery surface and dust do not go well together.  And I don’t need to display all my straps and keychains anyway.
…the rest of my photos vary in colour, oops.  Sometimes blue/green, sometimes yellow, red…  I suck at colour editing.  I should’ve referred to one as a standard when I was editing.  Ooops.  Lazy fish was lazy.

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