Re-ment: Gudetama & 80’s Nostalgia

I rarely buy entire sets of re-ment miniatures – usually just a box or two from each series but then lately I started to buy entire sets… though it’s just been two sets so far.  Hm.  80’s nostalgia and school goods stationary sets because miniatures are too adorable.  The latter set I’ll be making a separate blog entry for it later.  I was also eyeing this gudetama set, gudetama meets danger, and wondering if I should buy the entire set or just get a box or two but then boyfriend ended up buying it for me… aaahhh @.@  So this entry will be photos of both the gudetama and 80’s nostalgia sets!  I hope I can control myself and not go too crazy with buying more full re-ment sets…


First up is the gudetama set!  It’s so cuuuute~  Also because gudetama is also an adorable character.  I can relate to its lazy personality too well…

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Neko Atsume Gacha

Neko atsume has been such a popular app and with good reason too – the cats are too cute and it’s really easy to play because you just refill food and leave it alone for cats to appear.  I like these types of phone apps where it’s really chill and no need to play for a decent amount of time every day.  Anyway, there’s been a decent amount of neko atsume goods and one of them was their gachapon series.


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McDonalds Nanoblocks



McDonald’s in Hong Kong had a campaign last year in June where you could add a certain amount of money to your meal in exchange for a nanoblock.  Or you could alternatively buy the entire set which was what I did.  I thought you could actually build them but they came prebuilt… which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about since it’s McDonald’s toys.  There was also one nanoblock set for McCafe too!


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Paper nano: Sagrada Familia & Music Room


After owning the above paper nano set for probably well over a year, I finally got round to making it!  It’s been a while since I made any miniatures, and even more so since I had to use that type of UHU glue.  Not exactly the best kinda glue for this work but it’s the only other glue I have, aside from the glue stick.  I also have another set, the music room one, which I also made too.  That one was a lot more fiddly since it had more small pieces.

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Haul from Orlando trip!


Yaaaay and another loot post appears, haha.  Time to finally get off my lazy butt and make a post on the goodies I bought from my Orlando trip!  I pretty much spent my entire week at either Disney World or Universal Studios… I was planning on doing shopping at outlets or other places on my free day but we ended up going to Disney Springs.  And I didn’t mind that at all.  8D

Anyway, I’ll just post photos of my haul and not elaborate on my trip at all.  Yes.  Maybe I’ll post holiday photos on my photoblog.  Maybe.

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RG16 loot

Despite being half-dead from sickness, I still forced myself to attend RG16.  Wise decision?  Probably not.  Did I regret it?  Not really, heh.  I wore a mask but oh boy, inside being super stuffy and squishy did not help at all.  By the time I got back home, I was so dead.

I found out when I arrived that cosplayers Baozi and Hana were guests at the event!  Luckily I’m not a huge fan of them, phewww, so no need to queue up for meet & greet tickets.  However later in the day, they popped up on the stage inside the doujin hall and their fangirls went crazy.  To top it off, they were cosplaying Ten Count too…

Anyway, I digress.  I didn’t buy much this time, mostly because there were still many Touken Ranbu goodies and Love Live.  Their special ‘street’ section this time was Pokemon but I’m not thaaaat big of a fan of it.  And to top it off, my favourite washi tape stall forgot to bring her new bird tapes or otherwise I would’ve bought them all.  Oh well.  Next time!


Yep that’s all I bought.  The obligatory washi tape and yaaaay for more Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun keychains!!  This time the artist drew the other two pairings, yay~

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