CWHK44 Loot

I haven’t been to doujin events for a while, though I guess you could count CP04 at ACGHK, hm… Anyway, I went to CWHK last month and ended up buying a bit more than I thought I would.


So without further ado, here’s more photos of what I bought.

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RG16 loot

Despite being half-dead from sickness, I still forced myself to attend RG16.  Wise decision?  Probably not.  Did I regret it?  Not really, heh.  I wore a mask but oh boy, inside being super stuffy and squishy did not help at all.  By the time I got back home, I was so dead.

I found out when I arrived that cosplayers Baozi and Hana were guests at the event!  Luckily I’m not a huge fan of them, phewww, so no need to queue up for meet & greet tickets.  However later in the day, they popped up on the stage inside the doujin hall and their fangirls went crazy.  To top it off, they were cosplaying Ten Count too…

Anyway, I digress.  I didn’t buy much this time, mostly because there were still many Touken Ranbu goodies and Love Live.  Their special ‘street’ section this time was Pokemon but I’m not thaaaat big of a fan of it.  And to top it off, my favourite washi tape stall forgot to bring her new bird tapes or otherwise I would’ve bought them all.  Oh well.  Next time!


Yep that’s all I bought.  The obligatory washi tape and yaaaay for more Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun keychains!!  This time the artist drew the other two pairings, yay~

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CWTHK6 loot

2 months later, loot post appears.  I’m catching up with my backlog entries!  But no idea when I’ll finish processing my holiday backlog photos…. Anyway, the doujin event was back in early October and… there weren’t that many people around.  I guess CWTHK has always had the least amount of attendees compared to RG and CWHK.  It’s a lot more relaxing to walk around in as a result.  Also, I don’t know why but the hall kept on looping amu’s old songs…!?  I think it was from his first official album.

There wasn’t much to buy because there were a lot of sword boys Touken Ranbu and Love Live.  Not into those fandoms, thank god, because my money…. D:  As a result, this was probably my smallest haul from a doujin event so far.


Yep.  That’s it.

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Now that exams are over and done with, I can get back to editing my backlog of photos and finally post my loot!  I also have a few other entries planned so hopefully I don’t lag behind.  Exams ate up so much time thanks to all that studying required… I’ve never studied so much before.  It sure is called architorture…

Anyway, before I show you goodies I bought at CWHK40 (which was back in 30th August), let me quickly show you this amazing Gintama clear file my friend got for me when he went to… I think it was CWT in Taiwan.  Not sure which CWT though…


Front & back of amazing clear file

Now onto my actual CWHK40 loot!

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Keychains and corkboard


Initially I used an earring display case from Muji to display my rubber straps and keychains since dust is a big problem in HK.  But now my keychain collection has grown so much that I really wanted to display as many of them as possible instead of keeping them in plastic boxes.  So I decided to go with the corkboard option for just my plastic and metal ones.  And dust when needed.  Yeah.  Hm.

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