Gachapon & Sylvanian Families

I guess you could call this a mini haul of sorts… I bought a few Sylvanian Families sets a couple of weeks back when there was a discount sale happening at a JP department store.  They’re only figure sets though.  And then I also went to look at gachapon machines as I haven’t done that for a while.

So let’s start with the gachapon.  I came across a gachapon of… miniature gachapon machines.  Yes!


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Tokyo Trip Haul

My wallet weeps.

I swear, with each time I go to a Disney theme park, I spend more?  But then it’s most likely because Japanese Disney merchandise is more to my taste than American merchandise, and HKDL goods lie somewhere between the two.  Japanese Disney goods are too cute!  And then I had to visit a Disney Store since the merchandise they stock there aren’t available within the theme parks, and vice versa.  I also visited Kiddy Land and Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center too!  My poor wallet…  I didn’t get to spend much time at Tokyu Hands, otherwise my wallet would’ve bled more.


Hmm, messy haul photo… and I probably shouldn’t have used a red background but that’s my bed sheets at the moment, heh.

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Kyoto / Osaka Trip Loot

I went to Japan back in April for a week or so and spent 4 days at Kyoto, 1 day in Nara and 2.5 days at Osaka.  I spent… more than I should have.  And having a credit card on me only helped that money vortex spin more easily.  =’D  Most of it was splurged when I returned to Osaka since Kyoto and Nara had a lot more sight seeing activities.  Nevertheless, I still dropped over 10,000 JPY at Pokemon Center Kyoto on the first day.  Hm.

Without further ado, let’s start the photo spam!


Too much stuff to try and organise them neatly for an overall loot photo, oops.

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Neko Atsume Gacha

Neko atsume has been such a popular app and with good reason too – the cats are too cute and it’s really easy to play because you just refill food and leave it alone for cats to appear.  I like these types of phone apps where it’s really chill and no need to play for a decent amount of time every day.  Anyway, there’s been a decent amount of neko atsume goods and one of them was their gachapon series.


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Gacha gacha pon

For the past couple of months, I’ve been playing with gachapon more often.  It’s mostly because of this particular series featuring animals lazing around and it’s also one of the cheaper gachapon machines.  Of course, the latter reason made it easier for me to continually spin the machine… Combine that with octopus versions of these machines and it becomes far too easy to spend money.  Oops.  Usually I’d go for gachapon machines that feature cute Natsume Yuujinchou charms or perhaps other series I’m a fan of and don’t mind spending around 20 HKD for a spin.  But this animal series was just too tempting to throw money at.

Anyway, this particular series is called… Zoo Zoo Zoo?  I can’t really read Japanese so that’s all I can gather from the English, heh.  I came across them via my colleague who also likes to spin gachapon.  They were cute so I had to try my luck too.  And then Takara Tomy Arts pumped out a new set after another…

11203238_1435006706802126_278533920_nI’ve come across four different sets of this series so far.  The above was the 2nd set I saw and ended up spinning four times… because I won the gorilla two times. I really wanted the seal but I don’t know how many spins it’d take to get it so I had to stop.  Otherwise… my money…


Why did I manage to get two gorillas… It reminds me of the gorilla from Gintama, heh.

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