LA trip mini haul

I’ve actually had these photos edited and ready to be posted since late August but then I got caught up with gaming… firstly both Lego Harry Potter games on the PC, and then Danganronpa V3.  Oops.  My bad.

Anyway, I went to LA for a week back in mid August and I didn’t buy as much as I thought I would.  It’s a very tiny haul.


No surprises there that the majority of my mini haul is, once again, Harry Potter merchandise.

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Beauty & the Beast Brickheadz

Brickheadz is an interesting line that Lego has come up with.  The designs can be pretty cute in their chubby, block form.  I was tempted to buy one but the current line-up are either Marvel, DC Comics or Disney, and I wasn’t that interested in any of them, save for maybe Robin Hood?  Only because he looked cute with his goggles, haha.  Anyway, parents went holidays to north Europe and came back with Lego from Denmark.  I… guess I don’t mind?  I like Lego anyway!  They got me Belle and the Beast.


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Star Wars at Times Square, HK


I didn’t know about this until a colleague told me about it but during December, there was a Lego and Hot Toys display of Star Wars figures at Times Square!  Oh my god I was so happy when I got to see it, even though it was drizzling with rain.  Outside was giant Lego and there was a small indoors area with a TV and regular sized Lego displays.  Up at the atrium was the Hot Toys display featuring characters from the latest movie, The Force Awakens.


And now to spam photos!

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ACGHK 2015


Wow I finally make a post about ACGHK… 3 months later.  Typical Fish, typical.  Real life got all busy so it’s been hard to squeeze time to process photos.  Anyway, I went on a Sunday this time and… things went surprisingly smooth when entering the exhibition hall. Initially my friend and I wanted to pretend to be tourists but we never found the queue for tourists so we joined the main line.  The line surprisingly took only 45 mins despite all the looping from footbridge to ground floor and back to footbridge again and then ground floor… this also included buying tickets at the venue too!  There was no queue at all for the octopus queue.

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ACGHK 2014


ACGHK this year is five days again with people everywhere.  Also this was the first time I went on a weekend and I am so glad I decided to meet up with my Sydney friend at 11am at Wan Chai MTR station.  The queue was pretty long already, as I suspected, and it took us about 1.5 hours to get inside the hall.  Turns out later in the day, the queue was apparently 5 hours long…!?  Insane…

Biggest reason for me to go to ACGHK this year was to find cheap nanoblocks since there was a stall selling those last year.  To my disappointment, I couldn’t find any.  On the upside, Lego had a stall this year!  Anyway, let’s go with my usual photo spamming and there’s a lot this time.  Excuse me for the late post… as per usual.

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Piece of Peace – Lego Exhibition


I love Lego (especially Star Wars lego) so when I heard about the Piece of Peace exhibition, I just had to go visit!  Piece of Peace was held last year in July and only recently did I finish processing these photos.  Oops.  Anyway, the exhibition was full of lego models of world heritage sites and all of them were absolutely amazing!  I have a penchant for miniature models so Piece of Peace was a complete joy to look at (as well as to photograph).  The exhibition itself had toured around in Japan since 2003 with the aim of promoting UNESCO’s world heritage activities and Hong Kong was its first overseas exhibition.  However, I’m not sure if it has gone anywhere else yet since its world tour page still says ‘Hong Kong’.

There was also another area on the lower floor which displayed lego models of other iconic sites such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, New York’s Empire State Building and Paris’ Gare du Nord, just to name a few.  They also modeled some trains in the Gare du Nord model and part of the English Channel with boats on top.  If you looked closer at the train platforms, you would find Darth Vader and his storm troopers waiting at the platform as well!  And for the Empire State Building, there was Iron Man and, I think, King Kong as well.  Too bad that these exhibits were in low lighting areas so my photos didn’t turn out that great.


My photos of the exhibition can be seen either at my photoblog or flickr.  I’d rather not repost photos here since I feel it’s nicer to see them on a darker background.