Kyoto / Osaka Trip Loot

I went to Japan back in April for a week or so and spent 4 days at Kyoto, 1 day in Nara and 2.5 days at Osaka.  I spent… more than I should have.  And having a credit card on me only helped that money vortex spin more easily.  =’D  Most of it was splurged when I returned to Osaka since Kyoto and Nara had a lot more sight seeing activities.  Nevertheless, I still dropped over 10,000 JPY at Pokemon Center Kyoto on the first day.  Hm.

Without further ado, let’s start the photo spam!


Too much stuff to try and organise them neatly for an overall loot photo, oops.

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Paper nano: Sagrada Familia & Music Room


After owning the above paper nano set for probably well over a year, I finally got round to making it!  It’s been a while since I made any miniatures, and even more so since I had to use that type of UHU glue.  Not exactly the best kinda glue for this work but it’s the only other glue I have, aside from the glue stick.  I also have another set, the music room one, which I also made too.  That one was a lot more fiddly since it had more small pieces.

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Miniature cable car


I’ve been eyeing these miniature metallic nano puzzle sets for a while – though it’s mostly the Star Wars sets I’ve been eyeing instead. I’ve been wanting to try them out, partly because of this recent desire to make miniature things, so I figured I should begin with something easy. I picked out the San Francisco cable car set mostly because of the memories I have of the city. =D


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Mini gachapon machine


I won’t lie – this was partly an impulse buy.  When it was up for pre-orders for the first time, I didn’t bother buying it.  I guess it was also because I was still a poor uni student and not much money to throw around, huh…

Anyway, I lost my moustache nyanko earphone jack accessory about a few weeks ago and feeling somewhat bummed for its loss, I decided to go buy another at AmiAmi.  However, they didn’t have the exact version in stock so I bought another and… ended up buying two other earphone jack accessories because I might as well buy more if I’m buying online, right?  And then I noticed that the mini gachapon machine set was in stock so… yes, I threw that into my cart too.  Ahhh that snowball effect… Lately, I’ve been in a somewhat big “building miniature things” mode so I guess this spurred on my desire to purchase this set?


This was my first time building a plastic kit so I probably wasn’t doing things properly with snapping the individual parts off.  I didn’t even bother painting the plastic parts either or sanding off those bumpy bits, as you can tell in the first photo.  Oh well, it doesn’t really bother me.  Onwards with photos!

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Miniature curry set

Yep, I did more miniature food stuff.  This time it’s kracie’s popin cookin curry set.  It’s a lot easier than the doughnuts one as it is less fiddly and just… well, add water!  I think this is their first set where it’s not gummy?  I’ve tried their sushi set before which was just sugar overload.  It was kinda messy and hard to make it nicely so I don’t think I’d ever try their lunch box set.

Anyway, onwards with photos!


Chiaki joins us this time!

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