So posting almost 2 months late, I’m finally making a loot post for Rainbow Gala.  Not much to write up about the actual event since it’s the same same so let’s get straight to the photos!  I didn’t buy toooo much this time.



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RG16 loot

Despite being half-dead from sickness, I still forced myself to attend RG16.  Wise decision?  Probably not.  Did I regret it?  Not really, heh.  I wore a mask but oh boy, inside being super stuffy and squishy did not help at all.  By the time I got back home, I was so dead.

I found out when I arrived that cosplayers Baozi and Hana were guests at the event!  Luckily I’m not a huge fan of them, phewww, so no need to queue up for meet & greet tickets.  However later in the day, they popped up on the stage inside the doujin hall and their fangirls went crazy.  To top it off, they were cosplaying Ten Count too…

Anyway, I digress.  I didn’t buy much this time, mostly because there were still many Touken Ranbu goodies and Love Live.  Their special ‘street’ section this time was Pokemon but I’m not thaaaat big of a fan of it.  And to top it off, my favourite washi tape stall forgot to bring her new bird tapes or otherwise I would’ve bought them all.  Oh well.  Next time!


Yep that’s all I bought.  The obligatory washi tape and yaaaay for more Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun keychains!!  This time the artist drew the other two pairings, yay~

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RG15 loot

Fishy is late with her loot post from RG15, no surprises there.  Over 3 months late too, oops.  I got rather busy at work for the past two or so months so I’ll use that as my excuse, yes!  Uuuuh anyway, this time I didn’t spend that much – I’d say it’s my average amount of loot?  As for the event itself, Rainbow Gala is still as squishy as ever and also stuffy too since it was getting warmer back in April.


Instagram photo yay

It’s always so crowded towards the stage and at times, the aisle would be so crowded that you can’t really approach tables and end up being swept along with people.  I kinda wish RG would rent out an extra floor like CWHK because it gets far too crowded at times.


RG15 loot. Not too much, yes?

Anyway, onwards with loot photos!  Let’s begin with photos of the Vocaloid mostly Miku artbook which features art by Rella.

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CWTHK5 & RG14 loot

CWTHK5 and RG14 were last year during October and December respectively.  Yep, I took that long to finally get off my lazy bum, take photos, edit them and finally post them.  I decided to merge the two loots together since I didn’t really buy toooo much from RG14.  Kinda.  Hm.

Comparatively, I bought a lot more at CWTHK5 since I went with the ‘buy now regret later’ thinking.  I ended up with a lot of phone straps/keychains… and also managed to pick up a few things I missed out on buying at previous doujin events.  At RG14, I controlled myself with the money throwing though I still ended up buying four rolls of washi tape… Washi/deco tape is still a pretty big thing and there were so many pretty ones at both events.


RG14 loot

(Pssst… first time taking loot photos with my mirrorless camera!  It sure is handy having a flippy screen when taking these photos.)

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RG13 loot


Rainbow Gala 13 was back in 20 April and it’s one of the few doujin events where you really need to get there early.  We got there around 11 am and, similar to last time, the ticket we were given said we could enter the doujin hall at 1:00-1:15 pm.  Yep, two hours of waiting.  But with this ticket system, it meant we didn’t have to waste time queuing so we just found a spot to sit down and play with our 3DS.

Anyway, at RG13, I spent more than I usually do at doujin events, oops.  Ah but it still doesn’t beat that one time where I ended up buying quite a few art books / photobooks.  With that said, I was really happy that I could buy the three things that I couldn’t get last time at CWHK37!  I somewhat feel bad for spending so much because I wonder if it’s really impulse buying taking over perhaps it is.  Oh well, what’s done is done.  Sometimes I’d regret not buying certain things and I don’t see them again at the next doujin event like that MakoHaru doujin.

Okay, enough talking – time to show loot photos!

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Loot: Rainbow Gala 12


Loot posts are forever late.  Yep.  Anyway, Rainbow Gala 12 was last December and somehow, I managed to buy more artbooks and cosplay photobooks this time round.  So this means this post will be very image heavy.  Delicious art is delicious!

I was so happy when Reika announced that she’ll be coming to Rainbow Gala!  However, it meant I’d have to queue for hours just to see her and buy her photobooks, heh.  She started selling meet-and-greet tickets at 1pm and I was already queuing just after 11 am.  Thankfully, the wait wasn’t as long as AGCHK – that was absolutely insane and disorganised.

So after buying her tickets just after 1pm, I decided to enter the room and wait for another hour inside.  Luckily I did that because I was about 2nd or 3rd row towards the front.  We also had the opportunity to take photos with Reika too!  One polaroid per person and you can also use your own camera/phone if you’re quick about it.  I got lazy with my own phone and was content with getting just a polaroid.  I’m hoping if Reika comes again in future, things progress just as smoothly and organised as this time!  (Though perhaps if the queuing time was shorter, then that’ll be great)

Ah, a side note (mostly for myself): next time for Rainbow Gala, I’d really have to get there at least 11 am because they hand out cards that indicate what time you’re allowed to enter the doujin hall.  So arriving just after 11 am, we got cards for entering at 1:30 pm, I think.  Just, wow.  At least it’s better than queuing for 3.5 hours or so outdoors like back in RG8, I think it was.

And now for photos!

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