So posting almost 2 months late, I’m finally making a loot post for Rainbow Gala.  Not much to write up about the actual event since it’s the same same so let’s get straight to the photos!  I didn’t buy toooo much this time.



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Coincidentally, the first CWHK of the year was on Valentine’s Day.  Huh.  And wow, so rare of Fishy to make a loot post in the same month as the event…!?  Well.  Three floors this time and it wasn’t really that squishy or too stuffy either!  Excellent.  Anyway, on to my loot.  I… seemingly bought a fair amount.


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Keychains and corkboard


Initially I used an earring display case from Muji to display my rubber straps and keychains since dust is a big problem in HK.  But now my keychain collection has grown so much that I really wanted to display as many of them as possible instead of keeping them in plastic boxes.  So I decided to go with the corkboard option for just my plastic and metal ones.  And dust when needed.  Yeah.  Hm.

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WonFes 2015 Summer

It’s that time of the year again (well the 2nd time this year) so, as usual, I’ll just list out figures that caught my attention (and it’s mostly GSC too).  GSC has a lot of Touken Ranbu figures this time so I’m really glad I’m not into that game.  Otherwise my wallet will be suffering so hard…  There’s still plenty of kancolle figures (which I’m also not into) and Love Live too (also not into that).  Oh, and also Hatsune Miku figures which… I’m not too interested in them.  My wallet seems pretty safe against GSC this time!  Yay~

Good Smile Company / Wonderful Hobby Life For You:

  • [vocaloid] these rody x vocaloid figures are so cute!  I kinda want them… and they also remind me of the mini figures on top of pull-back cars from a few years back.  Actually, they look pretty much the same… just a giant rody instead of negi, road roller or maguro.
  • [star wars!?] whoaaa what are these stormtrooper women… o.o
  • [rwby] I spot Ruby on the far right!
  • [gatchaman crowds] coloured WIPs of the gatchaman nendos!
  • [vocaloid] miku.  Looks very pretty and detailed but those toes… I can’t stop noticing them D:
  • [vocaloid] more miku.  This one’s cute.
  • [vocaloid] and mooore.  Miku standing on one leg seems to be a trend.
  • [vocaloid] WIP of rin and len, Tony versions.
  • [vocaloid] kinda surprised there’s a teto nendo.  o.o
  • [vocaloid] fancy racing miku.
  • [fate/stay night] of course there’s a saber figure too
  • [god eater] linking this figure here ‘cos it looks pretty neat.
  • [frozen] of course there’s an anna nendo. Her eyes make her seem kinda creepy…
  • [shokugeki no souma] erina on her throne haha
  • [one punch man] I am so happy about the announcement of Saitama nendo!!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying him because he has fabulous facial expresions.  There’ll also be a figma version too but I’d rather the nendo.
  • [rolling girls] ooo a nendo of nozomi
  • [dmmd] aoba nendo! okay, 3rd dmmd nendo. I’m ready for a clear nendo to be announced.
  • [touken ranbu] I don’t play this game at all but I wanna link tsurumaru nendo because he looks rather nice.
  • [haikyuu] nishinoya nendo!!
  • [???] are you kidding me… a figma of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man!?


  • [kancolle] I don’t kancolle but they translate well into cu-poche design.  So cute.
  • [cu-poche] awww all the cu-poche in clothesNew cu-poche too, I think. Or maybe just the dress.  I’m not too sure…
  • [durarara] these chibis are so cuuuute
  • [ghost in the shell] tachi yellooowwww!  Kinda regret not buying the yellow version 2 or so years ago when I bought my revoltech tachikoma.


  • [dmmd] suddenly native produces a male figure!?  but of course, aoba is in a suggestive pose.
  • [???] This figure looks so pretty

WonFes 2015 winter – gk/resins

Time to list out any gk/resins that caught my eye~


  • Akiba Photography 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  • And then there’s flickr links too but each one are linked to the actual flickr photo page.

WonFes 2015 winter

Spamming links from wonfes again though I’m posting only figures that caught my attention.  I may have repeats from previous entry regarding GSC figures.  All links from akibahobby’s blog because I’m too lazy to look up other sites =’D And they have decent coverage.

Good Smile Company:




I’ll make another entry on random garage kits/resins later.

WONFES 2015 winter (mostly GSC)

I haven’t done one of these kinda entries for a while… So I’ll just be spamming links here regarding wonfes in list form.  Any direct links from flickr are all from akibahobby’s live report.

Good Smile Company:


I’ll post more links again after akibahobby and other websites post more photos from the event.