Someone stop Fishy from making more lists.  This is a list of alpacasso, nanoblocks and lego sets I own.

The cute pixel art are by lumichi from this site!  


12cmballerina_blue-spowapowan_bluebow-spowapowan_purplebow-sfreshsoda_blue-sshingeki_blue-spopnribbon_blue-ssherbet_blue-s+ 2 kaomoji x alpacasso



  • NBC_004: budgerigar
  • NBC_008: alpaca
  • NBC_009: cockatiel
  • NBC_016: budgerigar blue opaline
  • NBC_018: violin
  • NBC_054: sheep
  • NBC_065: x’mas tree
  • NBC_077: toco toucan
  • NBC_082: great white shark
  • NBC_085: green spotted puffer
  • NBC_087: moon jelly
  • NBC_093: budgerigar green opaline
  • NBC_140: galah
  • NBC_178: squirrel
  • NBPM_002: hitokage (charmander)
  • NBPM_008: lizardon (charizard)
  • NBPM_009: laplace (laparas)
  • NBH_014: space centre
  • NBH_101: sydney harbour bridge

Do you see a pattern with the Lego sets I buy? =’D


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